Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter: Weekend in Review

We hopped around so much this weekend my legs are still sore!

Friday. I found a fabulous website (  It has a daily calendar of kid-friendly events and I love it. Its on-the-hour activities are perfect for the times when I'm LOOKING for something to do with Munchface.  The site has everything from where to go for Kids' Eat Free days to library readings and game nights.  It's awesome and I digress (as usual)... Anyhoo...

Friday, schools were closed so (with my handy website as a reference) I took Munchface and Chazzy to the Kids in Motion open play; $9/child for 2 hours of play and they had a blast!

We even ran into our dear friends, Amiyah and Mariah!

After open play, we had lunch, changed for church and met Grandma, Pop-Pop and Auntie Ryan for a service in Ladysmith, VA.  It was a late night but all the festivities helped the excited girlies get some rest before Chazzy's Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Saturday.  We woke up early to pick up Easter cupcakes and cookies, got dressed (it's *like* a red carpet affair for the girls, lol) and we were off to Chazzy's house for the par-tay! I must say, I got them pretty fabulous, lol!

Here's the crew... More excited about the Hunt than the pics, whatever.

Baby Nina with her little mamas

I brought the sweets and they were SO pretty! 

 I also made the annual Easter cupcake bouquet.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial? IDK.  Anyways, isn't it adorable?

Back to the hunt...

The kids were itching with excitement while they waited on the OK to get the HUNT started.

Deborah gave the OK...

... and the kiddies were off!

Speaking of Deborah, God baby was in attendance...

O and we gave Chazzy her basket (she FOUND it, actually) at her party:

She loved the basket and knew it was hers because her name was on the front!

It was a bittersweet goodbye but Munchface had a blast...

We got home super late (after the last minute Target run for Easter shoes and my 'OMG, I was so busy focusing on Munch that I don't have anything to wear' moment!)... Munchface went from tub to bed while I packed the Easter baskets with goodies for my 2 loves. 

I filled it with things that she loves: nails, Uno, a scribble pad, a new DVD, bubbles, jewelry, tattoos and, of course, a few pieces of candy and a lot more!
The caddy from personal creations is adorable.  Hubbs put it together in less than 5 minutes!
Hubbs got dress socks (because I steal his in the winter to wear with my boots) and his favorite candies.  Munch decorated the basket and hid it.  Then told him 10 minutes later where NOT to go look. I know, my life.
 SUNDAY. Easter service was awesome! I had to sing and was at church at 0830 for warm-ups. I was so tired, I didn't have time to do Munch's hair in the "curly fro" (as she calls it) so piggy tails it was.  

As we do every year, immediately following service the church hosted its annual egg hunt!

Gremlin Smile :}


After church, we had an amazing dinner at my parents' home.  Munch was so excited because Grandma and Pop-Pop created a cute little area on the balcony for the 3 of them to eat dinner together...

I took this pic AFTER dinner. It was very cute.

She baked a cake with Hubbs (both of them did 2 things at once - Hubbs watched TV and stirred while Munch told him how to stir properly and ate popcorn)

After a costume change into something comfy, Munch got to play with Pop-Pop's high tech gadgets while she waited on the food... I love snapping random pics of these 2.  They are just too cute:

One thing is for sure, Mama is tired... Happy Hoppy BUT tired :)

How did you spend your weekend?


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