Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy Easter Crafts 2012

In case you can't tell, every holiday I try to make something with Munchface.  I like to spread the spirit of celebration to those we care about.  I also want to teach her that taking a few minutes to make something small for others might be the ONLY bright spot in someone's holiday.  Hmm, I guess these holiday crafts provide a means for us to spend time with our little-big girl AND allow us to train her how to send blessings to others (practice makes perfect) - food for thought...

Since she was 2 yrs old(I guess?), holiday "gifts" for classmates have been our thing. Now it's grown into a not-just-for-our-classmates thing but for our before/after school buddies and for our Sunday school class too.  Can you imagine? Because of budget, treat regulations, ages and timing, we usually have to make different items for our circles.  Do that math!

24 'fill-in-the-blanks' for classmates
12 'whodamajiggits' for before/after school
10 'thangy-thangs' for our church buddies
A requirement for butt-loads of ideas that are quick and easy... O and fabulous!
Here's our QUICK Easter crafts for Munch's circleS of friends.

Step 1
Order $4 tags from here (we'll use them for all three groups and probably for several years).  

Aren't they adorable?
I changed the wording to say, "From a cute chick, for a cute chick! Happy Easter, Zion"
Step 2
Purchase Walmart bubbles (sold in packs of 8 for less than $4).  

Step 3
Glue the circles on top of the existing labels.

Step 4
Use scrap ribbon to embellish the top and to finish these easy gifts:
We gave chocolate truffles with the same labels for her teachers and they sent the cutest messages home with Munchface.

For the before/after school buddies:
I took this same concept and applied it to the chick bubbles I found at the dollar tree (perfect for the younger crowd at the daycare); I love the duckies! They came in packs of 2 and turned out really cute:

TIP: I do not hole punch the tag because they seem to tear easier during transport. I add a dab of glue and stick it on the ribbon.  It makes my life easier!

For church, I think I'm going to make our Oreo chicks and lollipop bunny rabbits; they are so easy!


Other than that, Munch has done her own decorating with some Dollar Tree decor:

You can see she had to ACCESSORIZE with that bracelet to decorate the glass door, lol. Tacky but how much longer will we enjoy things like this?

While she's decorating, I'm Spring cleaning... It's no easy feat, FYI:

 What messes are you making in the name of celebrating?


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