Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doing Small Things with Big Love

Happy Saturday, islanders!

This time last week, I was one of ten volunteers at DC's First Annual Prom Dreams event!  Hosted by Uplifting Sisters, this event provided young women the opportunity to shop for formal wear (a dress, shoes, shawl, purse and even jewelry) at no charge!
Wait, volunteering? To help people shop?! Sign me up!  I love an opportunity to help others AND I'm *like* great at shopping... Especially when there's no budget in mind!

I got a shirt! I got a shirt! I got a shirt!
It was an awesome event!

Every Prom Dreams participant brought their positive attitude, met their personal shopper(s) and left with a fabulous outfit.  The real power of this event, however, wasn't found in the material things but in the love each volunteer showed the prom dreamers. 

Far too often, women tear women down; we breed insecurities amongst each other.  Imagine the impact!  Each prom dreamer had a room full of other women tell them how beautiful they are and a person dedicated to the search for the perfect dress... 1-on-1 empowerment.  1-on-1 encouragement.  WORDS can't describe it.

*Insert tears, giggles, good times and lots of smiles*

The PEOPLE made this event a success.

FYI - we took 10 shots... I acted goofy on the last one and THAT is the one that was posted to the website. MY LIFE.
Not to mention amazing accessories and dresses didn't hurt!


Mother Theresa said it best,

"We all cannot do great things but we can do small things with great love."

Make today a LOVELY day!


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