Friday, April 20, 2012

Frugal Friday: $3 Mini Party Hats


Happy Frugal Friday, islanders!

**The following project was completed for less than $3!!**

I have officially started crafting for Munchface's Baby Doll Bakery birthday party in August.  I KNOW it's early but hear me out!

I have weddings, client events, God Baby's baby shower and church activities ALL in addition to the typical mommy business.  Clearly, I have a lot going on so it's easier if I do a few things here-n-there.  I let Munch pick her theme and, when I'm sure she's done changing her mind, I designate a tub (or box) and fill it with party stuff over time.  This party-in-a-box technique ensures when it's PARTY TIME, I'll just have to set-up, to cook and, in this case, to bake... O, don't ACT like you forgot already!  Remember? I'm creating a bakery display which means I have to BAKE all kinds of goodies(at least the things I don't buy for super cheap from Walmart and my baker-friend)! 

So, moral of this story: Don't judge me or my crazy party planning antics, lol.  Now, onto the tutorial...

Doll (or mini) Party Hats

1. Gather supplies
- Scrap book paper (Michael's is having a sale - 7/$1)
- Scissors
- Ribbon (each hat requires 24" so get 1 roll from the Dollar Tree)
- hot glue/gun
- Pom Poms for topper (from The Dollar Tree)
- Optional: embellishments

2. Print this doll party hat template. Cut the hat template out.

3. On the back of your scrapbook paper, trace the template.  Each sheet makes 6 hats.

4.  Cut out the hats.

5.  Fold your paper (to eyeball where the seam/glue will be) to see how the hat will look.

6. Place hot glue along the seam.  Fold your paper (they should overlap).  Hold in place for 5-10 seconds.

7.  Place a glob of glue around the top.

8.  Place your craft pom-pom on top. Hold for 5-10 seconds.  Admire the cuteness.

9.  Cut 24" of ribbon.  Fold in half and cut again
(each side of your hat should have 12" of ribbon).

10.  With the hat seam to the back, glue your ribbon to the inside of the hat.


... Unless you went to Michael's and purchased a Martha Stewart paper punch that was 40% off and want to play with it... IN THAT CASE, you can embellish it with ::shrugs:: *whatever.*

Munchface was so excited she found models around the house to wear the hat BEFORE they were complete:

Aren't they adorable?  If I wasn't getting chef hats for the guests, I'd make headbands with mini party hats and fabulous party streamer (or tulle) ruffles along the bottom. OoOo wouldn't they make cute party decor? or CAKE TOPPERS?  Let's talk about the possibilities here!  I mean, SERIOUSLY!

See!  It pays to do things early.  You might just... UH, create more work with your fabulous ideas?

::looks around the room for someone to agree::

OK.  Maybe it only happens to me?

Have a FABULOUS frugal Friday!


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  1. You have make excellent mini party hats. This technique is really amazing. I am surprised with your talent, everything is perfect. I am so impressed by that.

  2. Cute party hats!!! I love all things party :)


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