Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Wrap-Up Part2

After an evening of shopping and a night of country dancing, I was all geared up for a busy Saturday full of last-minute errands.
Did I mention my last-minute house guests?  Shaqueda and her clan came to our place to spend the night before Easter.  My house was in the middle of Spring cleaning...  it wasn't my plan to have people over... I was planning to get laundry done... to clean out my silverware drawer... to go through our clothes and donate Munch's winter clothes that surely won't fit next year.
It was 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning and my whole house was up and cleaning.  The man was cleaning our bedroom and bathrooms, the kid was cleaning her room and guinea pig cage and I was on the main living deep cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry.  'Queda arrived mid-afternoon and guess what. 
She brought us a family Easter basket!
It was awesome!  Wine, snacks, Starbucks gift card, scarf and more... what a pleasant surprise, right?!  Anyhoo, 'Queda had things to do so we hit the road.
First, I dropped off Lea's Easter basket with her plush doll and personalized bottle/snack cup labels:
Our little gifts were on the wish list for Lea.  I LOVE having the time to actually think about little gifts :)
We went to Tammy's then to Target and returned back to my place where the guys were playing pool in the basement.  The ladies talked and snacked and... well, fell asleep watching Scandal, lol.  I said my goodbyes and goodnights, set-up our Easter baskets and headed to bed.
The next morning, I picked-up DatMyHoney and headed to church, pretty little baby in tow :)
Church was wonderful.  One of my favorite parts was having my babies in the congregation.  I got lots of hugs and kisses!

Sheena got Munch's Easter dress.  The girls were matching!


Lea in her ears ;)


Did you see all those cheeks I had to love on?! It was a great time!  After service, Munchface, DatMyHoney and I headed to Mike and Ryan's to borrow their oven before heading to my parents' for dinner.
When my sweet cornbread was finished, we headed to my parents' for food and family.
The little ones played with bubbles...
And... chased after the quick-moving Olivia (aka - DatMyHoney).
We moved inside and the playing continued.  Check out this adorable shot of DatMyHoney and Gilly:
There were lots of people hanging out.  We had Ryan's parents, her brother and sister (and their spouses), Devona and her boo, Amalia's bro and wife, 'Queda and her fam, me and mine, my bros and my parents... there were giggles and serenades... salsa and video games, lol.  It was an awesome time just chilling with fRamily.
I love how Munch is the only child and grandchild but has the experience a big family offers.  She has cousins in Gilly and Junie and a baby sister-boo in DatMyHoney.  With kids around the house, mom prepared by boiling eggs and the kids decorated them on the balcony.  Once they dried, we hid them around the yard for the kids (with one prize egg filled with $1).  The kids had so much fun, they re-hid the eggs a few times, lol.
Mom had a white basket for Munch and a vintage egg-shaped basket for Liv:
We released the kids to the hunt and they were off!
Munch found the prize egg:
Everyone found a good number of eggs.  Check out Gilly's loot:
DatMyHoney had us cracking up with her facial expressions; the kid has too much personality, lol.
I was worked up and stressed out leading up to the day.  'Queda reminded me that it's important to sit still sometimes.  I snapped a pic right after she said, "we invaded you and you loved it."
She was right.  I did enjoy the time with fRamily.  The hugs, sounds and food of the day made celebrating Resurrection Day that much greater.
I also found it adorable how Munch was always reaching for DatMyHoney's hand; she was a great help and such a big girl.
Judging by this smile:
... and this face (leaning into DatMyHoney's car seat):
... I'd say the day was a success.  Both photos sum up how I felt at the end of the day.  We headed home and crashed for the night because the NEXT day, we were back to our regular program:
I can't wait to share a closer look at the baskets.  The man was very impressed with his basket.  See you tomorrow!

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