Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Room Update - Accent Wall

Happy Friday, Islanders!
I've been on work-related travel all this week.  I miss home when I'm away... I returned late Thursday night and I could DEFINITELY tell my fam missed me too :)
Hubbs bought the grill I've been telling him about and had dinner waiting for me. He did a massive amount of yard work including re-mulching the front lawn, blowing debris and cleaning gutters. He cleaned the garage and the house was still clean.  YO! I was pleasantly surprised, lol.  On TOP of doing a good job with Munch's hair and handling all of the after-school tasks (homework, studying, Reading and Math practice, cooking dinner, etc.), he took care of tasks on his delinquent honey-do list - can't be mad at that.  The man has kicked housework into gear; he's inspired me!

With the Easter wrap-up out of the way, I'm turning my thoughts to Spring cleaning and small home projects.  While I'm walking around here figuring some things out, I've found a few projects I haven't shared. 
I know, can you believe it?
The week of New Year's, I went on a painting spree. I painted the living room one day and the next day, I painted the accent wall in the family room.
Wood Smoke By Glidden.  I'd seen it around Blogland.
It's a brown-based gray... very warm and neutral and, well, perfect for our family room.  The grout of our fireplace is gray and VERY similar to the paint color.  The painting itself was an easy project and went along rather quickly (less than an hour).  I love a quick-win!  I also love how it turned out:
I know, it's a bad pic and there's Christmas décor in the way but you get the point.  O and can you see the graphic print in the bottom right corner?  That's one of the pillows on the sofa.  I love the pillows; they're feather down and I can hi-yah karate chop in the top-center of them and they STAY that way.
They aren't that comfortable.  The man complains about them.  The feathers are all over the place. 
There's a bit of a pillow war going on and I'll tell you what, Islanders.  My pillows aren't going anywhere.  Stay tuned for more projects and Spring updates around these parts.

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