Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Parenting: It Gets Real

I just gotta keep it real for a moment so, just go with me, ok?

Taken during a family breakfast a few Saturdays ago.

Listen, I think Munch is pretty awesome.  She's smart, she's artistic, she's witty, she's compassionate, she's funny, she's cool, she's basically jam-packed with awesome sauce.  I also have to admit that she can be bossy, sassy, grumpy in the mornings...  what?! I'm not supposed to say that? I mean, can we just be real for a second?

As your child ages, you realize that parenting changes.  There was a time when saying "no" was enough to stop an action.  Over time, I could see the wheels turning in her little just-about bald head... the internal struggle or question of 'why the heck not?' would be scribbled across her adorable little face.  I can almost pin-point when she was coming into her own little person...  forming her own little opinions... showing me who she will soon become.

UGH.  Islanders, I'm still coming to terms with all of it.

Like, what the heck do you mean you don't like to read? I did! 

Reading is more fun with the costume glasses Pop-Pop got her

You even have the nerve to struggle with reading like your father did as a child? I can't even fathom that. 

You don't like pink as much as blue or purple?  Seriously, who doesn't like pink?

Munch took a moment to smile for a pic before hopping out of the car at school one morning.

As a parent to an infant you assume a lot about your child - who they are, who they will become, what they will like... then they become their own little person and you realize everyone, including your perfect little angel baby, has flaws and hurdles to overcome.

I've struggled with this piece of parenting.  I'm not even gonna lie.  I'm learning there's this balance between seeing my sweet little girl for the good kid she is and... well, normal kid stuff.  Like what, you ask?! 

Munchface will tell a waitress she'll have water to drink... because her pee wasn't clear today. *embarrassed*

Munchface will try to justify wearing her sparkle high heels to school because she walks faster when she feels good about herself. *side-eyes*

Munchface loves Math and Writing.  If you ask her what her favorite subject is, she says either Lunch or Recess. *slaps forehead*

Some folks won't get it until they have a kid of their own to serve as an example confirming they really do come wired as their own little person.  I, however, am learning to love the realness of my kid's responses.  Sometimes, I wonder what the world would be like if adults were half as honest as a kid when asked a question as simple as, "how are you today?"

Munch and Jada perform a cheer during our church's SOUPer Bowl fellowship

This is just a random moment from a random mama...  I appreciate that you guys will listen and will even let me shout to you, just as I do to Munch every morning as she jumps out of the car at school,

"... read the directions at the top of the page!  Remember your manners and Be An Awesome YOU today."

Make it a great one, Islanders! More tutorials and crafts tomorrow.

Cheers to being awesomely flawed!


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