Saturday, April 12, 2014

SnapshotSaturdays-A Brave Soul & A Snake

Happy weekend!

Can I just say, I think Rocky the guinea pig is excited about her debut on the island.  Like, maybe she can feel her popularity boosting around the internet... All I know is, she's been excitedly running around her cage and, to put it in perspective, she probably THINKS she looks like this:

She is probably thinking this:

But really... she looks like this:

Anyhoo, I'm here today to share some shots from a few weeks ago.  Keeping with the animal theme I seem to have here, I went to an event at the Reston Town Center with Gaby and my boy, Gadiel:

There were summer camps of all kinds and, if I lived in the area, Munch would DEF participate in many of them! What you might not believe is that I-- Chicken Little anti-slithering things -- I petted:

and held:

a snake.  I was so cool about it that I had to send the pic to Munch.  The power of technology never ceases to amaze me.  Munch responded and here's her message:

That's right. THIS mom is BRAVE!  After my adventure with the wildlife, we went for a lunch at my new favorite restaurant, Vapiano's.
It was so fresh and delicious!  It's an Italian restaurant - more specifically, a pizza and pasta bar!  The food is prepared in front of you and it is absolutely amazing!

 Every guest is given a card to charge their meal and, on your way out, you hand it to the cashier and she tells you the total.  Think Panera freshness meets Olive Garden's pasta; it's delish!

 All-in-all, it was a good day with my sweet boy.

 He gave his time with Titi not one:

 ... but TWO thumbs up!

I hope I can make it to Hubbs' basketball game so I can enjoy some more of our new favorite restaurant... as long as I can also make it to the bridal shower, the new potential baker partner tasting, the nail shop (flip flop weather, helloooo) and the meeting at Sherry's house.  Today will be busy but I'm sure it will also be fun!

Happy Saturday from one BRAVE soul to another :)


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