Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 10 - Wardrobe Staples

We are all familiar with the wardrobe staples ALL women should have. I'm going to take it a step further for the kid-friendly lifestyle.  As moms, we often have to transform from work to soccer game or playdate and from grocery shopping to date night and we need to do it FABULOUSLY.  Here are just a few go-to outfits that help add versatility to your wardrobe while maintaining your fabulosity!

1. Jean jacket.  and NOT with jeans... too much of a jean thing is... well, TOO MUCH of a JEAN THING :) Instead, use this staple to transition last season's clothes into Fall (over a Maxi dress or with khaki capris).  Fabulous over an all-black outfit for shopping with the kiddos or enjoying Family Fun Night at school.  For a playdate in the park, pair it with a t-shirt or hoodie and leggings.  I'd even wear it on a casual date night with the hubs by adding grown-up shoes!  Check out the inspiration I found online:

2. Printed Cardigan. I feel like I'm a Cardigan Queen. It's a PARTY when I'm wearing my CARDI!!!  I have them in most solid colors and lots of funky prints.  My favorites are the ones at target.  Layer them for work with, I prefer, sleeveless collared shirts (sleeveless limits the shoulder bulkiness/boxiness, or bold colored blouses for a fun yet polished look.  For date night, try a belt on top of the sweater with a pencil skirt. Unbutton and pair it with jeans, a comfy tee and funky flats for a look that's perfect to escort your kids to a birthday party or practice... I love to use layers to mix up prints and colors and the cardigan is a PERFECT addition to any outfit.  More inspiration and ideas below:

3. BLACK.  The fashionista momma's favorite color, black, seems to take a drab outfit to chic and fab! Leggings or jeans with a black tee or sweater and simply add accessories to bring in color and personality.  You can take the SAME outfit and transition it from work to play date to date night with your accessories alone. 
- Work: Try a simple pearl necklace and earring set.  The contrast of black and ivory is a classic look (think Audrey Hepburn). 
- Play date: exchange the pearls for a bold scarf and earrings.  Limit your jewelry to allow you to get down and dirty without the risk of losing or breaking fabulous pieces. 

- Date night: show your curves! Rock your bold high heels, and EITHER a chunky necklace, simple earrings and bracelet OR bold earrings and bangles...  Black is a slimming color and really compliments all skintones... I also love to pair all black with cognac brown boots... the pop of brown makes for a great contrast!

One of my all black NUMBERS for a play date/Girls' Night dinner...

4.  White collared shirt.  This is a wardrobe staple that, for moms will not only offer a classic look for work but also is the perfect for PTA/teacher meeting shirt. Add fun jewelry and the RIGHT jean, for a chic yet casual look!

5.  Boot cut jeans.  The skinny jean fad is NOT for everyone and certainly, not for every occasion.  Everyone should have a nice fitted pair of dark-wash boot cut jeans.  They compliment every shape... I am Queen of Fabulous Island, hear me ROAR - NO MORE MOM JEANS...EVER!!! Some places to buy a great fitting jean for an affordable price?

- Old Navy: Great jeans and prices... plus, there's always a sell going on!
- Target: I love their options and prices.
- Gap: They have some amazing jeans (a pricier version of Old Navy but their jeans last forever)
- H&M: High fashion that's affordably priced
- Wal-Mart: I confess. I have a weakness for this store. I have purchased my most comfortable skinny jeans from Wal-Mart... The dark wash slims, works with everything and look pricier than the $9.97 I paid!

6. Shoes.  Every mom needs to trash the cross trainer sneakers for a funky printed flat (one that "matches" NOTHING but goes with everything), a nice flat knee high cognac boot, and a pair of chic sneakers (yes, it's possible).  Check these fresh kicks out:

Mommy Tip:  Plan PLAN PLAN.  Find your clothes beforehand and eliminate the stress of what you're going to wear early on.  Remember your outward appearance affects your inward perception.  When you LOOK great, you FEEL great.  Plus, if a few wardrobe staples can give you effortless style and versatility, why not take a little time for mommy?? We, too, can be fashionistas!

Cheers to Mommy Fashionistas! 


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