Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 23 - Fall Decor

I don't spend much time or money on Halloween decorations and it's not JUST because I am bad about taking them down (if they're gone by Christmas I'm good, right?).  To get more bang for my bucks, I decorate for the season (not just Halloween) with pumpkins of all sizes, leaf garlands and seasonal vase fillers. Here's some ways Munchface can helps with Fall decor around our home:

- I save my jars (spaghetti sauce, jelly, jams, pickles, etc.) to create centerpieces and seasonal arrangements.  The one below was created with googly eye stickers and muslin, isn't it A-frikkin-dorable?

- You can recreate the cute spooky pumpkins below by cutting felt masks and gluing it to the pumpkins.  Then simply carve (or paint) a mouth. Wouldn't it make a cute addition to stairs, tables or even an entryway?

- Here's another cute use forf pumpkins and muslin.  Simply wrap and glue... then add eyes for a mummified pumpkin.  To transition the same pumpkin into Thanksgiving, remove the muslin, cut (and gut), then place mums inside for a fabulous and simple centerpiece!

- FAMILY pumpkins.  We carve our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween... This year, we're creating family pumpkins (each member will have his/her own pumpkin) for a look similar to the ones below:

- Make a Fall garland.  This weekend, I'll let Munch paint 2 pieces of construction paper with Fall colored paint (orange, red, brown, green, etc.) then I will cut 4 triangles for a pennant banner. I'll add the letters F-A-L-L to the triangles, glue it to a ribbon and hang... It'll be adorable and will add her special touch to the decor.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to add a pic when it's all done!

Fall is a season that's full of beautiful colors which makes it a great opportunity to have little one(s) help you invite the outdoors in!

Mommy Tip:  I let Munch pick leaves from around the yard... Once she has a handful, we make cards and decorate the cover with leaves to mail to family members.  The inside reads, "A taste of Fall from our yard to yours!"  She loves to scribble on the inside and it's the perfect time to send (school?) pictures to family.  Let me know how you invite the warm and cozy Fall feeling into your home; I LOVE COMMENTS!


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