Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 22 - Pumpkin Patch Fun

Let me just say that I can't wait to be done with this whole 31 days posting thing... I've had fun but I've been dying to post some topics other than the kid-friendly life topics I signed up for.  On second thought, the purpose of this challenge was so that I could prove to myself that I can find time to blog more often thus making my island more an online therapy session and environment for me.  So, I hope you will tune in November 1st for the NEW and EXCITING topics I can't wait to cover!

To make these last few days more FUN for me, I'm going to finish up my 31 days with crafts, recipes and FUN for the upcoming holiday, Halloween.

Munchface and I will do something EVERYDAY in preparation for the FUN that is DESTINED to come with costumes and candy and crafts and STUFF...

Today's post is dedicated one of our Fall traditions - the Pumpkin Patch! No matter how small, you won't regret the adorable moments that come with your little one visiting your local Patch...

First, stop for us? Starbucks. Mommy can't function without a little treat... "Hello, uh... yes, may I have 1 child's hot chocolate split in 2 cups? THANKS."

We love Pumpkin Patches because they typically have some of our favorite things:

Moon bounces (5 to be exact):


Candy apples and popcorn and hot dogs and crafts and games and.... OF COURSE PUMPKINS!
I thought we had our pumpkins picked out pretty quickly...
...Until Munch took off running because she found a "better" one.

This whole running and squealing from pumpkin to pumpkin went on for about 15 minutes.
Until FINALLY we had pumpkins and, trust me, they were RIGHT ones (as you can see from the hugs and kisses).
All we had left to do was pay (with our Daddy dollars that PAY for everything in the whole world) and we were ready to head home for the carving...

 Anyone with kids knows the THOUGHT of using sharp objects is asking for an ER visit... I'm not in the mood for one of those *like* ever so, here's how WE carve pumpkins: Mommy cuts off the top and hands over a big spoon for little ones to dig out the insides (and put them in a pot so we can bake the seeds later).

Chazity was a PRO with the spoon...

Next, we traced their little hands on the lower portion of the pumpkin.  Then, while they washed their hands and picked out their glittery paints, I carved out the hand shapes.  Once I was finished, I handed over the victims pumpkins and let the glitter fest begin. 

When they finished fancify-ing their pumpkins, we add our character pumpkin picks (we had Elmo and Cookie Monster last year) and this year our picks are Princess Mrs. Potato Head.  I love the pumpkin picks because all we have to do is carve a small hole and stick the picks in the pumpkin and VOILA instant decor... Target sells them and, because they are re-usable, I save them from year to year... Check out how CUTE the pumpkins turned out...

Mommy tip: trace the hands of your little one onto a pumpkin every year and take a (better than I did, hopefully) pic of them next to their pumpkin... it documents how their little hands are growing AND makes for a cute photo-op for the scrapbook.  You could even carve each family members hand onto your family pumpkins for another CUTE option...

Let me know if you plan on going to the Pumpkin Patch!  We're always game for a play date!


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