Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 17 - Slick Days.

My name is Tabby and I have a confession... I am losing a race against my clock.   I have all these tips to help cross things off of my list and I'm so busy finding ways to make life easier that I often rush through times when I should sit still and relax... "O honey, well, the movie is playing and I'm watching...I'm just folding laundry on the floor instead of cuddling on the sofa!" Multi-tasking or neglecting? Hmm, CONVICTION.

If you're like me and you have a lot to do everyday sometimes, as my husband is happy to remind me, WE have got to sit down and let things gooooOOoOo.   Every now and then, come home and sit still or do nothing or do fun things or anything but the typical sprint (against the clock) until bed time.  Pizza and paper plates save my life... No dishes?? NO TIME BEHIND THE STOVE? FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER I WANT BEFORE AND AFTER IT ARRIVES? PAH-LEASE.

I'm reminded of when my father told me to take a SLICK day... a day when you use sick leave for a personal tune-up... Seldom are moms allowed SLICK days but I'm telling you if I scheduled them with everything else, I'd have less off days where I'm glaring at Hubby for breathing too loudly (or throwing his gym clothes on the floor) OR where I'm rushing to put Munch in the bed so I can breathe a little.

Let's promise to take time for necessary breaks and tune-ups so WE can continue to be the little mommy engines that could. Are you feeling SLICK? I know I am!


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