Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Family Fun

Plan a family fun night and give your little ones the spotlight.  Kids LOVE having their parents' undivided attention.  Here are few fun things that we like to do:

1.  Brown Bag Puppet Show - I give Z a stack of brown bags and let her decorate characters and re-tell her fave story or re-enact something from school.  She loves to "teach" us her colors or songs she learned that week.

2.  Super Star Concert - Let the little one put on their rocker outfit (of anything they want) and allow them a time to perform.  Munchface will usually select a combo of bathing suit, sneakers, play make-up and a jacket for her duds.  I always MUST give a proper introduction and that is usually all it takes for an awesome little performance.  Ready for the next level? Invite immediate family members over, serve light refreshments and, before a family game night, introduce your little opening act.

3.  Dance Party - Sometimes, we'll turn the TV off and put in the latest KidzBop CD and just dance, as a family, until our legs hurt.   It doesn't take long for mommy and daddy but Munchface can go forever and it is SO entertaining... We also have a dance contest with a small prize of a quarter and she will break it DOWN for that prize!

4.  IS there a doctor in the house? A warm wash cloth, Vaseline, little cups of water and some tools (she uses whatever she can find) make for the perfect doctor's office.  The trick to having a lot of fun is to pretend to be afraid and REALLY hurt... Zion gets a kick out of making us feel better and even reminds me that I make her be a big girl when she has to get shots.  Lots of fun and almost as relaxing as when she wants to play Beauty Shop... Don't ask, something about playing in my hair makes me want to FALL asleep :)

5.  Host a fashion show.  I let her go in my closet and put on whatever she wants and she does her own hair... with the APPROPRIATE introduction, the runway show is always a hit!  I've found it's more the preparation than it is the show... So, let them take their time and be sure to have the video rolling (I'm kicking myself for not having a video camera).

The moral of this post? FUN is in quality time with mommy and daddy. You can do any of the above with more than 1 child and I guarantee your little one(s) will have a blast... So, turn OFF the TV and turn ON some family FUN tonight...


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