Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 - Make Fun.

AND NO, I'm not talking about making fun Mean Girl style... I'm talking about making fun like when I was younger and we added water to the leftover dish soap to make homemade bubbles OR how we used the empty Tide boxes as bug holders - it's the kinda fun that doesn't cost a lot but makes for memories every child deserves.  On that note, I searched the internet for fun crafts with something we all have - TOILET PAPER ROLLS!!! Check out the awesome inspiration:

1.  Car.  The roll serves as the body of the car - decorate with paint, glitter, stickers, crayons, whatever you have on hand.  Glue 4 bottle tops along the sides as the wheels and you're done! Perfect craft for a Cars party or it would make for an awesome favor (place the supplies in a baggie as a build-your-own craft). 

2.  Binoculars.  Take 2 rolls and a square of construction paper or cardboard to create the following:

3.  Napkin rings.  Let the little ones paint the roll and cut into 4 circles for a special meal.  PERFECT for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's really awesome for kids to feel like they're apart of holiday decor ;)

4.  Jack-O-Lantern.  Paint the roll orange, cut out the pumpkin's face (or shape).  Slide an electric votive into the roll for a cool lighting effect (seasonal night light anyone?). Note, the picture below is of a painted roll (not cut or lit).

5.  Make a toilet paper roll bouquet:

We decorate a roll every now and then for Munchface to use as a microphone during her nightly KidzBop concert - she loves to perform and the little echo in the roll is the perfect addition! 
Mommy tip: LOOK at what you're about to throw away... can it give you 1 day of play before you trash (or recycle) it? If so, go MAKE some FUN!


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