Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 14 - Party Planning (Part 3)

Party planning tips continued... SO, you've got your theme, you've got the menu, let's talk about the fun stuff - DECOR!  Decorations bring everything together.  It's your chance to create the environment fit for party fun. Here are few innovative ways to decorate with the classic party supplies:

- Create a backdrop.  Take a wall, any wall, and make it a focal point...  You can use this wall as a photo-op (for your little guests and birthday kiddo to pose for pictures), you can place a table of goodies (food, favors or gifts), or you can use it simply for the WOW statement in the space.  Whatever the case, any of the following would make an AWESOME backdrop:
  • Streamers - Can you sew?  Make some ruffled party streamers Can't sew? Try a cut-and-glue version of the ruffled backdrop.  They have an awesome effect behind a candy buffet or favor table... Check out some pics:

  • Fabric.  I LOVE the fabric section in Ikea for Children's parties, they are very affordable, high-quality and come in all sorts of fun, whimsical prints.  Fabrics come in all colors and make great keepsakes for later (Pillow? Headband? Endless possibilities!).  Also, if you go for a fabric back drop, you can use your scrap fabrics for napkin rings, to tie small strips around cutlery/treat containers, you could even add fabric to the birthday child's (and family members' outfits).  Also, for backdrops, you don't have to use 1 single piece of fabric, use this tutorial to create a backdrop using strips of tied fabric (pic below).  If you opt for a simple fabric backdrop, consider hanging a personalized birthday banner on top of it.

    Colorful and whimsical fabric makes for a polished and fun backdrop in this fairy party.

    Fabric strips
  •  Banners. Personalized banners are well worth the cost.  For children, one of the first words they recognize is their name and seeing it on their birthday decorations gives a personalized touch to the decor.  I have an obsession with pennant banners... Something about the classic decor item just means party and I LOOOOoOOOooVE a good party! Also, they are easy to create! Follow these simple steps and you too can have a personalized no-sew banner for a fraction of the cost:
    1. Purchase Supplies: coordinating scrapbook paper (I prefer a heavier stock to ensure the paper won't curl), ribbon (depending on length, you'll need a lot), hot glue gun, card stock letters (you can get a large book of letter from Wal-Mart for $5).
    2. Cut triangle from card stock.
    3. Glue each letter onto a triangle.
    4. Lay the triangles out.
    5. Determine ribbon length by laying it on top of the triangles. Cut ribbon.
    6. Hot glue ribbon on top of triangles.
    7. Hang for an instant fabulous banner!

You can purchase custom banners like these here
 I created the next pennant banner with a pillow case and curling ribbon by hot gluing the fabric triangles to the curling ribbon:

Other recommendations for a polished event include:
  • FABRIC.  Invest in quality table linen for a polished look. 
  • Entryway. What will your guests see as they arrive?  Is there something you can do to make them know from that moment that a party is taking place?  How about a quick and easy wreath? Purchase a wreath form from the dollar store, cover it in ribbon or burlap or yarn then hot glue either a wooden letter or number for an easy and personalized decor item that can be hung in the child's room later(this will also work for a frame with ribbon hot glued to the back). I took foam core board, cut out my friend's first initial and covered it with $10 worth of Dollar Tree flowers to create this entryway:
  • Of course traditional decorations still apply... My only recommendation is, to ensure your decorations provide you with maximum impact, Group them together... 20 balloons spread out over a large space will not have the same impact as 20 balloons (in various shades of the same color) clustered together by the entryway. Also, consider innovative ways to use balloons:

  • Details.  The success of your decor is in the details... Trust me, little things will complete the look of your party and will give you the WOW factor you want.  Water bottles? Purchase them in advance and cover labels with scrapbook paper. Cutlery? Wrap them in the napkins.  Food? Try individual servings in cupcake liners for a cute grab-n-go presentation.  Things like custom labels for favors, creative names for food items, bathroom signs, prizes that fit the theme... personalized details can make any cookie-cutter theme your own.  Are you shopping for the little things?  Check out  Simply search for your party theme and let the inspiration abound.
Every birthday child is different and it doesn't take much to execute a fabulous event... Just a little extra time and creativity to make your next kid-friendly event extra special!



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