Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - The Maid, Another Mommy Gig.

My mommy giving baby Munchface a bath... in the sink, no less :)

We all have our cleaning product preferences, I'm a BLEACH girl... Something about the smell of a load of whites just FEELS clean to my soul.  So, I prefer products that smell CLEAN and I save the perfumes and flowers for lotions and soaps... Heck, I used to believe that if my nose and eyes weren't burning when I cleaned then something wasn't right... LOL.

Now, I can be confident my home is clean with ORGANIC FRESH-scented cleaning products! OMG.

My newest cleaning staple? Mrs. Meyers... a little pricier than Lysol or Bleach but it's better for the environment, organic (i.e. SAFE for Munchface to use) and smells amazing! I also bought the all purpose cleaner and on the bottle, it explains that you can re-use one of their squirt bottles with 3 tablespoons of cleaner and warm water... Any product that helps me use what I have and goes a long way is worth its weight in gold.  I HEART MRS. MEYERS (just in case they want to become a sponsor or send me some free products or coupons).

I admit... I hate cleaning tubs. I hate cleaning showers. I HATE. I HATE. I HATE (and I really don't hate anything...except cleaning tubs and laundry)... So I tried everything and when I used the Scrubbing Bubbles it worked wonders! Spray, walk away, come back in a few and wipe/rinse. AMAZE-BALLS!

Your home has a scent... Whether you think so or not... I LOVE the scent of vanilla, it's calming and clean and light and COOKIES, anyone???!!! I love other scents but I've found that Company X's version of tropical mango smoothie might not blend well with Company Y's version of the same scent... Vanilla ALWAYS blends no matter what. Visitors often walk in my home and ask what I'm baking and it's the smell of comfort and "home" for me and makes me happy everytime I unlock the door (unless pee puppy has an "accident" while I'm away)... Consider finding the scent that makes you happy and go from there!


I'm not a neat freak and I certainly do not have a chart like the one above... I typically just start in one corner of my home and work my way out/down... Concentrate on one room/area at a time and enjoy the accomplishments as you finish each area.  Try it, those big messes don't seem so daunting!

Mopping up her own mess at like 2... WHAT?! I started early. HAHA


If your little one is like mine, you need to give them something to do or the MESSES WILL NEVER END!  Here are some tasks where little hands can be a big help:

Sanitizing her plastic toys in organic soap water (it helps keeps germies away)

- Laundry: Practice your colors while sorting loads.  Once sorted, I let Munch load them into the washing machine.  She loves throwing clothes in water... IDK, it helps me though ;)

- Dusting: I let Munch do the dusting(where she can reach) and she takes it VERY seriously... Although, this onesie may improve my life for the next baby:


- Baseboards: Soap and Water, an old rag and Munch loves to crawl along the floor wiping the baseboards. We don't do this every day but once or twice a month, we wipe them down and it's great to make a game of it for each room.

- Helping make beds: Munch LOVES to lay flat on the bed while I pull the covers over her. Giggles surround me while I gather my pillows and other bed-making supplies... I ALMOST feel happy while cleaning (actually cleaning calms me...but happy?! That's in shoe shopping).  Then, when it's time to make the bed, I have Munch pass me the pillows by their color description. 

There are so many ways to help make cleaning fun and involve EVERYONE in the home... These are a few of my tips but I'm always accepting comments for how YOU tackle the inevitable task of keeping your home well-maintained.  It's a chore but we've all got to do it!
Buckets are for cleaning NOT hanging out! Goodness she is cute tho, right?!


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