Friday, March 9, 2012

A Post to Pick Me Up

I know I said I'd have the {Sham} ROCKIN' Part 2 post live today but I've been sick this week... And NOT sick with a cold or virus but the going-to-the-doctor-to-be-put-under-to-figure-out-what's-going-on kind of sick... I am in pain and I could really use a pick me up...  SO, while cleaning out my computer files, I stumbled upon the photos from a birthday party Munchface attended 2 weeks ago. It was a costume party hosted by a little fashionista and, because the pics made me smile, I thought I'd share them with all of you. Side note: YES, the birthday girl is wearing white go-go boots which tickles me pink, lol. 

Munchface decided to be a princess so we put on one of her princess get-ups, some high top sneakers, cool tights and sparkly jewels.  It was funny getting ready because Munch informed me that, while she is a princess, ONLY the birthday girl can wear a tiara (it's birthday etiquette, ya know) so we wore our ostrich feather bow instead.

Taken after the party when she put on all of her rings from the favor bag.
Enough talking, here are the party pics:

There was an awesome magician!

He turned a plain little house...

Into a colorful house and then...

...into a REAL LIVE bunny!

At times, he needed crowd participation...

... but the crowd yelling the magic words made balls fly EVERY WHERE so he needed crowd assistance to pick them up.

The birthday girl was SO fabulous and cute!

We couldn't believe it was their first time meeting (this was a co-worker's daughter).  Kids have a way of making connections instantly and it was adorable to witness!  Since she's IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, I smell playdates in the future!

With a little bit of Pin the Tail and a WHOLE lot of fun music, the kids had a blast! 

Not to mention this little element made the dancing that much more fun! 

We wiggled until the sillies were out and I REALLY worked up a sweat! 

Now, with all the smiles and fun of a birthday party, who can feel down?



  1. Tabby -- The pictures were so cute. I hope you feel better soon. Try to take it easy and enjoy the nice weather over the weekend.

  2. Tabs, you are funny. I hope you know you are inspiring me with your creativity. I am going to need your help when this kid gets here in September/October.
    Keep teaching us future (or non-parents) so that when ours come we won't do business as usual.


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