Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebration Vault: Sweet Pea Shower

All of yesterday's baby talk has me super excited... I was clicking through the island's {unpublished} events and thought I'd share some of my baby showers over the past few months... A mini-series, if you will.

Up first...

Tia's Sweet Pea {mini} SHOWER

BACKGROUND: My church LOVES to celebrate life's milestones so, when Tia announced her pregnancy and asked us to host a small shower, I got to work.  We scheduled the shower to fall immediately after service.  With 2 weeks to plan, multiple events on the same day and the church's annual Fall Festival the day before(for which I was in charge of decor and activities)... Time was of the essence and really posed some challenges:

- 30 minutes for set-up
- The shower was hosted in a large hallway
(to accommodate other events, meetings and rehearsals)
- 1 hour TOTAL for the shower (for games? gifts? and cake? OMG!)

My goal was to quickly create a cute purple and green Sweet Pea theme... I needed to make this hallway feel less HALLWAY and more FABULOUS.  I decided to set the chairs semi-circle and to hang SEVERAL poms above (because they could be made beforehand and fluffed on-site).  The rest of my efforts were focused on 2 tables - the food (which was yum-mazing; Church folk know how to cook!) and the "pretty" table.

SIDE BAR#1: As is the norm for me recently, I found myself stressing about arrangements and personalization and time and details and... Will it be good enough? Will it be pretty enough? Will it- then I just had ENOUGH.  I remembered no one was pressuring me but ME.  Sometimes as the hostess, I need to take a step back and remember what's important...

This post is to share some quick and easy ways to use scrapbooking paper to tie your decor together... I hope you enjoy the simplicity!

O wait.

SIDEBAR #2: Do not let the following pictures fool you... I am not falling victim to my #1 pet peeve with this event planner fad, lol.  LISTEN CAREFULLY: those feature parties you see on websites that have 1 little table of decorations where all they talk about are the details of that 1 little table are deceiving! Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for a focal point BUT far too often, people get wrapped up in making that 1 little table pretty and forget the rest of the space AND the purpose of the event.  I've mentioned my Recipe for successful events and my #1 priority is to ensure guests have a FUN experience...

Pretty is great but I'll take dollar store tablecloths, a sheet cake and a GOOD TIME over pretty ANY DAY!!

OK, I digress... Back to the {mini} shower:

 I purchased $5 worth of coordinating scrap booking paper (sold by the sheet at Michael's) to create:

Water Bottle Labels
Scrap booking paper cut in strips (held in place with a dab of glue) = quick and EASY labels!
Can you see the plant stand on the right? It's actually a clear serving bowl turned over to give the milk glass arrangement some height.

Dot Garland
I used my various hole punches, scrap booking paper, yarn and hot glue to create the dot garland (pictured further down). It hung over the table and helped to bring in the mix of prints.  I varied circle sizes and the space between... Less work and I loved the look.

Prize Bags
I gave Sweet Pea scented candles and lotion in the green paper bags(from Michael's).  I folded the bags over and glued extra garland dots to serve as "seals."  They were really cute. Check everything out:

Other than the paper, I used the fabric backdrop and the tablecloth to tie everything together...

CONCLUSION: While the shower was adorable, the MOST important part is that we had a blast!  To think, all it took was a $5 paper expense to tie it all together! 

Do you have any affordable tips for events?  Feel free to share them in the comments!

Happy frugal-and-still-fabulous Friday!


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