Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don't You Hate When...

By now you know I'm a wife and a mom...  Someone who has a family to feed, a house to clean, a job to report to and what not...  Well, I'm sick and it's times like these that make me HATE having the aforementioned responsibilities.  What mom gets a sick day?  Why can't I call out for a day?  Just. One. Day.

Let me apologize in advance for what you are about to see.  I just need an e-listening ear because my walls are so tired of listening that the paint started packing its bags(and we can't have that.  Who else will cover the crayon scribbles from '08?).

DON'T YOU HATE - The Sick Edition.

- When you get sick and it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous outside?  I was so upset that it was sunny with a breeze on Saturday

- When ON TOP of being sick your husband gets on your nerves (seriously, dude. Just leave me alone right now... I don't want to play)

- When your husband leaves you alone and all you want is for him to bother you (where ARE you? I NEED YOU right now. UGH.)

- When you take medicine for said sickness and get the best sleep of your life ONLY to have your family complain that you're snoring

- When you wake yourself up because you're snoring so loudly (I thought someone was breaking in... what the-- O, it's just me... Again)

- When you walk through the door and your home smells like sick breath

- When your family takes advantage of you being sick and does not clean ANYTHING as if to kick you when you're down (what are you doing? You must pour each sip in a different cup.  NO? Why else is EVERY cup in this house dirty?)

- When your kid looks at you like you're crazy and says, "I know why you're breathing like that.  It's because you're sick." 

- When you close your mouth and hold your breath to NOT breathe like "that"

- When you think you're starting to feel better so you actually get dressed and comb your hair...

...Only to have someone say, "o GOSH you look AWFUL!"  Really?  Mama actually feels CUTE, lol!

This list could go on and on... I'm just over my dirty house, my sassy kid, my disgusted husband, my boogies, my hacking... EVERYTHING.

Have I mentioned that I have no time to be sick? We have a birthday party in less than 2 weeks and I feel SO behind.

Please pray for me!



  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. I don't think it's fair that us moms never really get to have a sick day. When my hubby is sick, Lord have mercy, you would think he had Ebola or something with the whining and carrying on and lounging around in bed he does. Sheesh! :) I feel your pain, mama. Hopefully you'll be back in action like the party-throwing ninja that you are!

  2. Oh my, this is absolutely hilarious. I can surely relate. Sorry to find you so comical when you're down. This is a great post!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I hate it when my daughter gets sick while the hubby is deployed. Ugh! Mommy needs a break at 3am, and she's asking for Da-Da anyway... not Mama... She only says Mama if Mama has a cookie in her hand. :-( Anyhoo, I thought you looked cute in that pic, too. who said you looked awful? They need their eyes checked...


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