Monday, February 24, 2014

Turning 8 - The Plan.

Happy Monday, Islanders!

What's that?

I know, I'm late sharing the plans for Munch's birthday.  If you're new to the island, Munch and I typically have the birthday conversation (where she informs me of her party wish list) the day after Valentine's Day, exactly six months out from her birth date. 

This year, Munch needed time to plan so she asked for another week.  Yesterday, February 23rd, I asked the question and she responded with a full-on plan.

"I want a rock star party.  With like, purple and orange... and some blue and pink... and neon colors.  I want my friends to come over and ring the doorbell and I'll say 'HEY!' and they'll be all like 'HEYYY!' and me and Jada might have a performance and then we'll *like* play and then everybody will dance.  We can have a sign that says, 'welcome to the rock star party!'... with *like* a drum and a guitar.  We can dance and take pictures and play music and stuff."

*Munch stands up and twirls around making up a dance routine while singing Party Like A Rock Star*

*Hubbs glances up from his iPad to witness the twirling and shakes his head*

*I stare off in space trying to work the logistics for building a dance floor and hanging a disco ball in my head*

Hubbs: I feel broke just LOOKING at you THINK about this party.


I was excited. Munch loves to dance and wiggle and flip.  She also loves to plan a good party... and THIS?! This will be a great party.


Munch loves all things bright and neon, glittery and fabulous. 

My inspiration is the 80's (she's turning 8, get it?) but Munch will just love having a cool glow-in-the-dark dance party.

It sounds so fun, right?!

Guests will arrive and decorate a cardboard guitar with neon puffy paints, enjoy dinner, get their makeup done (black light or glow in the dark lip stick?), get rock star tattoos (glow in the dark paint?), pose for fun photos in the rock star photo area (a custom spray paint backdrop?)then head to our (now empty) home gym in the basement which will be transformed into a DANCE PARTY ROOM!  The room will be awesome with black lights, glow-in-the-dark décor, a fun buffet of sweets, rockin' music and glow-in-the-dark games (glow necklace ring toss? pin the music note on the sheet music?)!

I'm excited because Munch will have the dance party she's always wanted.  O, here's the inspiration board I designed to capture my vision:

Yes, there are a lot of elements and I'll break down each number in tomorrow's post!


I feel so accomplished and I haven't even started any projects... yet.

Cheers to celebrating,

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