Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Play Date - The Plan.

Hi, Islanders!
Before I get to the plan for our Valentine Play Date, I have some cool news. 
OMG!  Wait, let me calm down.  Breathe, Tabitha.  Breathe.
Ok.  Ok.  Woo-sahhhh.  Ok.
So... one of the most critical pieces of any great event is the invitation.  Invitations set the tone.  They provide guests with vital information.  They build excitement for a party. 
I wanted to send the invite to Z's friends with the sole purpose of making it known that we were going to have a good time.
You're probably wondering how this relates to my big news... WELL, I designed the invite and I think it's fab!
Address blocked out
Yes, I made that!  Get this, it didn't require anything special!  I simply used my favorite photo editing website, PicMonkey, to create that fabulous little invite!

Above, I've pasted a screenshot of the home page.  I was so excited to see they've added the ability to design.  I just clicked the Design icon, chose my canvas size and started to create my invitation.

This is an amazing FREE feature that can enhance parties, events and even home with custom signage.

So, yes, our guests received an email and/or text with the invitation to come by for some fun.  You want to see it again?  SURE THING, BOO:

*exhales adoringly*

I love it.

Anyhoo... with an invite out of the way, it's time to get my plan together.

~ Heart-Shaped Sandwiches (turkey and/or grilled cheese)

~ Tomato Soup/Stew (excited to try this awesome from Sheena)

~ Kabobs:

~ Strawberry Cheesecake Bites:

~ Rice Krispy Treats

~ Strawberry Parfaits

~ Brownies

~ Sugar cookies

My plan is to make/purchase one dozen of everything because this will be a small party.


I have some easy but cool ideas floating around in my fro (well, Marley twists because I'm trying something different with the bush).  Check them out:

~ Cover the wall framing the window with envelopes

~ Create paper doily heart garland to hang in front of the main window
~ Create a simple cute tablescape where the girls will eat and craft

~ Display bite-sized desserts either in the dining room or on the kitchen counter

I plan to get started on the décor today (t-2 days before the party).  My focus will be on deep cleaning the space and the hanging décor.  I also will take an inventory of what I have to ensure set-up is a breeze.

I know what you're thinking and, while this will be a fabulous little event, I won't be stressing myself out.

...famous last words, right?!

Come back tomorrow for a cute tutorial!


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