Thursday, February 6, 2014

ONEderful Party - Fashion and Fun

After yesterday's post with the beautiful cake and the previous posts with the party décor details, I'm REALLY excited to share the fashion and fun of MyHoney's party!
Since her birth, I've gotten a near-daily photo update.  Her proud papa, Dom, posts a picture of her just-about everyday.  I LOVE seeing her little fashionable grinning self in my Instagram feed.
Yes, I may have just gone overboard with photos BUT one thing is certain - DatMyHoney is one stylish little lady.  For her birthday, Sheena went all out with MyHoney's party outfit.
In the soft playroom, MyHoney wore a custom tutu and a tuxedo onesie.  Not just ANY tuxedo onesie but a fancy tuxedo onesie that Sheena jazzed up with one of my purple bows as a bow tie AND, can you believe it, Sheena changed the buttons to purple so it would be PERFECT for this event?!
Details, people.  Details.
While in the playroom, each little guest received a sparkle mini top hat and the fun began.  Every child (and parent) had a BLAST!
While the little ones tumbled in the soft playroom, Sheena reserved the pool for the big kids.  Munch was so excited to be counted among the "big" kids that she didn't know what to do!
After the fun time in the soft playroom, guests headed upstairs for more fun.
Can you see the tutu in her hands?
  Somewhere along the way, Olivia had a quick costume change into a white leather skirt Sheena had custom-made along with cute sneakers Sheena embellished with rhinestones and more of the purple bows I made:

 I would totally rock that outfit on my birthday too; isn't she too cute?! 

MyHoney was fly, her guests were too cute in their sparkle top hats and, get this, even mommy and daddy got in on the fashion fun!

Custom t-shirts Sheena designed were perfect for coordinated photo-ops that didn't compromise on comfort.  I always wonder how some moms can function in party mode with a ball gown and gobs of makeup on.  Just doesn't seem natural for this mama. 
Then again, the guests are I'm lucky if I shower on party day, lol :)
Munchface wore a simple and cute lavender dress... I planned to put pig tails in her hair but she didn't pack hair products in her swim bag. What the-- EVERY curly girl knows a wet head turns to a frizz ball in no time without product.  How could she forget that?!  Surprisingly, however, her bun held up pretty well!


Is it weird that I'm shocked every time I see pictures of my kid?  She just looks so BIG in photos (not in real life... through my eyes... most of the time).

This party was a hit for the little ones and the not-so-little-anymore ones... including myself and my own baby big girl giant toddler child.

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