Monday, February 3, 2014

Olivia's ONEderful Party - The Venue and Crafts

With the decision to host a first birthday party out of the way, Sheena was well on her way with planning.  She informed me this party will cater to the children but have amazing details only the adults will appreciate.
Our first task was to find the perfect venue that will provide toddler-focused activities for our guests of honor.
Sheena found the perfect (and newly constructed) soft play room in a northern Virginia recreation center.  As long as the in-person appearance matched the online photos, we were prepared to sign the paperwork that same evening of our tour.

The soft play area was amazing!!
Olivia was having a blast running from toy to toy.  I was on camera duty but I caught some shots of her checkin' for me (what do you mean why? It's because she's my birthday twin who loves me.  DUH!).  OMG! Check her out:

We were sold on the soft play room and, after checking the various spaces for rent after the playroom (to serve food, cut the cake, place gifts, etc.), Sheena decided to also rent Pre-school Overlook. 

The space was open and fun and cool and, well, everything we wanted in a party venue.  There were, however, some downsides:
- No removal of pre-school décor
- No child-sized table(s) for the tiny guests
We decided, despite the challenges, we would proceed with reserving.  After all, the challenges were easy enough to work around.
We had our party venue!!!
During the planning of my work Christmas party a few years ago, there was next-to-nothing in the budget for décor.  Our primary décor element?  Copy paper!!!  We used it for everything... including making snowflakes like this:
Of course, I was confident I could make the snowflakes when Sheena asked for 3-D snowflakes for the entrance.
These snowflakes are super easy to make and are well worth the extra time because they provide a fabulous backdrop for any winter event.  I made 20 snowflakes and hung them party day in the walkway to the party room...
This area also served as the photo-op backdrop for the event.

They were a great feature item and one of the more affordable décor elements.  Want to make some of your own? Check out the tutorial here!
This event planner was just SO excited her paper snowflakes were a hit :)  Can you believe I ACTUALLY GOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA?
OMG!  Do you love this décor?  If so, come back tomorrow to see the rest; we're just getting started and you won't be disappointed.


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