Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays - Shopping 101

I've expressed my skillzzzz as a professional thrift shopper.  My doing so also breaks one of the most important thrift shopping codes! 
One of the first rules to professional thrift shopping is that you don't THRIFT and TELL.
1. I have a streak of granny.  Yes, I admit it.  I love doilies and floral prints and lace and ruffles and brass and old pictures and crochet blankets and quilts and everything granny.  As a matter of fact, my granny streak is so bad that, when I'm shopping, I often turn to my mom or Munch (my two fave thriftin' partners) and await their vote for "great or granny."
2.  I have GREAT memories thrift and antique shopping with my mommy.  It's nostalgic and it feels like, no matter the store, I see the same things from my childhood.  I'm also teaching my daughter the tricks of the trade and I enjoy watching her blossoming love of thrift stores.
3.  I love unique pieces!  The inventory in every thrift store is different so I'm always guaranteed to find something special.
Those are my top three reasons but, trust me, there are many more :) Now, with all of my thrift store lovin' here on the island, I'm excited to share I have learned some new thriftin' tricks.
I've never paid much attention to clothing.  My focus was always on those pieces I could incorporate into or transform to fit my décor.  When I discovered The Village thrift store, I called my mom and we planned her first visit. I was excited for her to see the aisles of housewares and old books and accessories and more.  When she first walked in, however, she headed straight for the clothing.
I didn't even LOOK at the clothing.  I had barely noticed the 8 aisles of dresses sorted by size and length, the 4 aisles of coats also sorted by size and length, the shirts sorted by size and color, same with the jeans and kids' clothes and baby stuff and shoes and scarves and, well, everything.  I had only walked around the outskirts of the store in search of home stuff and I couldn't believe I missed the best part!
One of my first clothing purchases - $3 Rampage romper
It was at that moment that I was introduced to the amazing clothing selection!  I've OFFICIALLY expanded my professional thrift shopping!
After an additional 50% discount, these slacks (NY&Co, H&M, Anne Klein) were perfect for work!

I rocked this granny skirt with a fitted cream turtle neck and gray boots - FAB!

A cute work blazer - $4

Fab jacket with leather pockets and elbow patches - $10

I can't wait to wear this vintage dress with a statement necklace and a high bun - $7
One of the vintage pencil skirts - $4
Yesterday, in the Wordless Wednesdays post, I shared a few of my thrifty thrills.  That post was a preclude to our newest series.
Thrifty Thrills - Shopping 101
I'm going to share some awesome tips of the thrifting trade that many novices would never know.
Hopefully, these insider tips will help you save a couple dollars and find some cool places in your area for unique and fabulous pieces :)
Cheers to saving money without compromising style!

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