Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kitchen Backsplash: Floor and Decor to the Rescue!

New appliances | New backsplashUpdated countertop Updated cabinets

When I met Melina, I found a new home improvement store and I fell in love.  She took me to Floor & Decor and, I kid you not, it was overwhelming and awesome and -- just **exhales adoringly** love.

Floor & Decor offers affordable solutions for all of your tile and flooring needs.  

In the case of the townhouse kitchen, Melina found boxes of marble tiles on clearance.  Each tile was selling for .20 each.  They were normally $2.00 each; that's a 90% savings!!  The tiles were shades of gray, green, taupe and brown and they blended perfectly with the rustic wood-look vinyl floors. Plus, each tile was unique with its own variation of the aforementioned colors.  SOLD!  Now, I loved the marble tile (look and price) but I knew we were going to buy new black appliances and I felt we needed something to tie the earth tones of the tile with the bold black of the new appliances.  To make it work, we decided to buy a few sheets of these glass tiles:

Islander Tip: to create the insert, we cut the tile sheets down to smaller sections that were two rows wide.  Doing so saved money and effort.  Individual tiles are EXPENSIVE and the labor to adhere each one can take a lot of time.

With the glass tiles purchased, we applied them to the wall along the center portion of the backsplash.  I know what you're thinking and it looks a lot harder than it is.  I would've normally outsourced a project of this nature but, when I received a quote for a job similar in size, I was looking to spend $500!

We installed the backsplash for WAY less than HALF of that price by purchasing supplies only!  Plus, I learned how to install tile from Melina and, if you're willing to invest some sweat equity, it's much easier than you think.  Check out Youtube for some tutorials and tips.

The purpose of a backsplash is to provide visual interest and a wipe-able surface behind the appliances and kitchen workspace.  I love how we also used the backsplash to brighten the space and unify the main living level decor!

Stay tuned for more ideas and tips to affordably update your kitchen space!  We're on a roll!

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