Friday, July 24, 2015

A Frugal, Fabulous, Flashback Project

Happy frugal Friday, Islanders!

In March, I shared the craft table project (here).  Remember how we (Munch and I) painted it white?

I don't think I shared the paint project I finished the same day we painted the craft table.  Yep, we were crossing projects off the craft room list.

Mom and I saw this chair outside of a Goodwill on one of our shopping trips.  Mom insisted the $6.99 price tag should not prevent me from  buying it.  Of course, I was expecting a gift from the thrifty gods in the form of a $1 price tag.  Not so lucky BUT $7 isn't bad, right?

I saw beyond the scraped wood, the minor damage and the dents...

... and we got it.  I had it for a year... sitting in the craft room... incomplete and waiting to be made pretty.

First things first, I unscrewed the seat and back from the frame.  I placed the screws in a paper shopping bag for painting.  I sprayed them gold and used the same paint (it eliminated the need for sanding furniture) to finish the chair.  It took 4 coats of white paint to get the coverage I wanted.  It only took a few quick sprays of gold spray paint on the screws.

I carefully put the chair back together (didn't want to chip my freshly painted gold screws!!) and I enjoyed the beauty!

I'm debating whether I should paint the base gold too but, at the time, it didn't bother me.

For now, I'm celebrating a flashback and frugal Friday in one.  Consider it a BOGO deal :)

Happy frugal, flashback and FABULOUS Friday!



  1. $7 is good, yes! Great find! AND I see you have a white table where you can take pics of all your flowers & coffee mugs & cookies against a beautiful white back drop for IG! I have seriously been telling Z that we need to get a white desk for our bedroom, secretly, just wanting to be able to take fancy photos on it. :) The chair & table look great! Way to go! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I love the white table (I just bought a cheap one and painted it but yes, you should totally get a white backdrop... and call it a work space!!!


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