Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thrifty Thrills - Gold Finds

Howdy, Islanders!

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was a hint into my latest addiction.  I have a thing with metallic decor and, more specifically, GOLD decor.  Don't get me wrong, I love all metallics but gold makes my heart sing!

That beautiful sconce caught my eye at The Village thrift store a few weeks ago.  I tried to leave it but when I picked it up and those tassels dangled down, I 'bout passed out.  It was heavy so I know it's of a nice quality and it's so unique I put it in the cart.

For a few minutes, I actually debated whether to purchase but the $4.90 price tag wasn't nearly as high as I knew it could've been.  It sat on Munch's floor for weeks and finally, earlier this week, I hung it in her room entrance.

The rose gold floor lamp... OH, how I love the unique color and design.

I saw it leaning at The Village and had to get it.  Right now, it's standing beside an armchair I got FOR FREE from a Facebook friend who was moving.  I'll share pics of the area but today?  It's alllll about that lamp!

Can you believe it was a 50% off day and I got the lamp for less than $5?!

How great is that?!

The next thrifty find is small but packs a big design punch.

This small container sits on Munch's craft table and holds her small supplies.  I fell in love with the details of it and I love how understated yet fabulous it is!  Speaking of Munchface's room and gold, check out the brass letter I found for $2.

It was made in India and weighs a few pounds; it's actually super heavy!  It, much like the gold container, is a wonderful small decor detail that helps to set the tone in Munch's Paris-themed room.  These pieces are timeless and will surely grow with Munch as she gets older!

This isn't the first time I've noticed a trend in my decor choices.  For a while, if it were chevron, I needed it... pillows, rugs, artwork.  Then, there was the bird phase; if it had a bird on it, I needed it in my house.  Don't mention the gray phase or the turquoise phase.  Islanders, you've been along with me while we work through my design challenges.  I really feel like I'm at a good place with my decor decisions.  I just need an infinite budget! HAHA!

No, seriously.  Stop laughing. I don't need no stinkin' budget!

Hey, have you noticed a trend in your purchases?


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  1. So, I'm loving your blog! We just moved into an apt. & you have so many great posts for inspiration!


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