Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day Wrap-Up

Our Independence Day was awesome!  We woke and went to the neighborhood volunteer fire department's pancake breakfast.

Munch rocked her puffs and enjoyed the almost-frozen apple juice.  The pancakes were amazing!

We snapped a pic of the truck and headed to join the neighborhood parade.

The night before the parade, I helped Munch decorate her bike.  It was pretty festive and she did a great job.

We were one of many little families who participated in the parade with Uncle Sam.

Getting ready to get started:

Check out Munch on the move!

It was great!  After the walk in the humidity, her puffs expanded and we all needed a shower.  We cleaned up and headed to my parents' for the family cookout.

I tried a new method for cutting watermelon and it was great! It made serving a breeze!

Dad tried a new appetizer with goat cheese, pecans and tangerines - it was SO good!

The other foods included cole slaw (for the pulled pork sandwiches) and a variety of burgers.

Mom made her bacon-wrapped hot dogs, fried fish and sausages.

We brought the Nuclear Dynamite - the panting, snorting, noisy Nuke.

The family was all together and we had a LOT of fun.

Mom made a fabulous flag cake; she mixed  cool whip and frosting for the icing and it was AWESOME!

With the sun setting, the kids headed outside to light sparklers.

They were twirling and singing and dancing.

Goodness! They have gotten so big!

Look at them at Munch's FIRST birthday party:

It is crazy to see how much they've grown but it's also amazing to see how well they get along!!

I could try to find words that describe the time with family but I think this video says it best:

Mike raced LeRoy, his childhood best friend and Jayla's dad - who is also Mike's god daughter, everyone was talking trash, the kids were having a blast with sparklers and we enjoyed a fireworks show from the comfort of my parents' balcony.  It was a great day with family!

How was your holiday weekend?  I hope you celebrated the amazing blessings we have here in America... the blessings that set this great land apart from anywhere else in the world!


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