Friday, July 3, 2015

Flashback Friday: Superman's Progress!

Here's a quick pictorial journey for our little Superman, LJ.  Now, the last you saw him, LJ was a little peanut but he had gobs of personality.

Well, he is getting SUPER big SUPER quickly!

Three Months

Four months - a Valentine's Day smirk!

Five months - St. Patrick's Day fashion

At his six-month milestone, LJ had a big boy photo shoot.

Look at that smile! I want to eat him up!  For our gift to the little man who had everything, we got a keepsake he will probably have his whole life.  We wanted to give something to serve as a reminder that his family knew he'd be great from the moment he entered the world.  This gift, a super hero cape, came with a certificate of super hero authenticity and a note that certifies Langston as an OFFICIAL super hero (how many people can put that on their resume?!)!  His cape usually hangs on his pegboard in his room - ya know, in the event he needs to jump out of his crib to save the world.  He put it on for his big boy photo shoot and it looked awesome.

Do you want a cape for a special super hero on the way?  Stay tuned because I'll be sharing all of the details with one of my favorite etsy shop owners!

Eight months - sitting up and eating his stickers

Time flies, right?  He LOVES me.  I think he really prefers when I have big hair because he really gets a kick out of it moving around.

The first time I fed him, I wiggled the spoon on his gums (he was teething) and he LOVED IT.

Tati snagged a few pics of some of our 'first time' milestones.

Yes, Munch held him (and smelled his head) and we gave him a bath!  I shared my little man... talk about progress!

Here's hoping your weekend is SUPER fun!


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