Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Perfect Potatoes

I promised awhile back that I would share some  easy weeknight recipes.  Today, as promised, I'm sharing an awesome side dish.  It is perfect for a steak dinner or a healthy turkey burger or a comfort breakfast or a chicken salad sandwich; it's perfect for any laid back summer (fall or winter or spring or any frikkin' time of the year) meal.

Perfect Potato Wedges

- Red Potatoes
- Olive Oil
- Pam non-stick spray
- Knife
- Cookie Sheet
- Black Pepper
- Seasoning ( I used Adobo con sazon but seasoned salt would work just as well)


1.  Rinse potatoes until all dirt is removed and cut off any roots that may have sprouted.

2.  Slice potato in twelfths (in half, then in half again, then each quarter piece into thirds).

3.  Spray the cookie sheet with Pam

4.  Place the potato wedges on the cookie sheet with the skin down.

5.  Drizzle with olive oil and seasonings.

6.  Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

I removed them and they were perfectly browned and lifted easily from the cookie sheet; I was super excited!

Just look at that perfection! These potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!  I'm sharing this recipe during the heat of the summer months but I discovered this method for the perfect potatoes during one of winter's snow storms.

It feels like so long ago that we were snuggling by a fire.

We were stuck in the house and looking for three meals a day; the man and child were a tough crowd to please.  The day I made these potatoes, we had mashed potatoes the night before and Hubbs wasn't too excited to eat potatoes again.

Let's just say, both the man and child gobbled these perfect potatoes in a matter of minutes.  I watched Hubbs do the hot potato dance while nibbling the goods before they completely cooled; he ate half of a potato before he even made his plate!  Now that I think about it, this side dish reminds me of some other recipes I forgot to share.

The potatoes were great in the winter months but they will be great the next time Hubbs is in the mood for a hot dog and grilled chicken this summer too!

Hope your day is pipin' HOT!!


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