Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Doll Birthday - Shopping the House

It has been quite a while since we spoke about Munchface's doll bakery party... I feel like it's time for an update. 

While Spring cleaning Munchface's room, I realized we're overdue for the REAL big girl room upgrade.  While I cleaned, I made a mental checklist of what must go.  One item on the list is her adorable dollhouse book case. Until...


Wouldn't it be cute if I created a dessert display for the baby doll bakery IN THE DOLLHOUSE?  I'll just put the dollhouse on top of her homework desk for height and fill it with goodies.  OooOOo... I think I love the idea!
... I also think I just signed myself up to bake cookies and sweets of all sorts. Hmm, maybe I could fill a section with cute favor boxes (i.e. take up space so I don't have to bake as much, lol)...

BTW, the book case is really adorable:

What?! Is it weird that I always shop around the house for things to use in events?  It helps to bring something unexpected and saves me money (can we say win-win?).  I was so excited with my bookcase find that I went searching our house for other things (YES, I got a few stares as I walked in our bedroom with my eyes squinted and looked around secretly then walked out without explanation. The man and kid think I'm crazy?  GOOD.).  My search was a success because I'm also going to use Munch's Fisher Price dollhouse as a centerpiece on the victim (or on this new shelf I want really badly).  It's pink and will fit the theme perfectly!

I can totally see a little banner hanging on each of the dollhouses(1 that says S-W-E-E-T-S and the other that has her name?).  I'll also pull her coffee filter wreath from her room and hang it on our front door (with a chevron painted letter 'Z').  Can I just say, I am excited with how the decor is coming together? I feel like I've accomplished so much and I haven't lifted a finger (that would be win-win #2)! O and did I tell you? I ordered a pack of striped straws for Munch's birthday (and 1 for God baby's shower too); they're adorable:

Moral of THIS story? Shopping your home for ways to use what you have can take your event to the next level!  I often find out-of-the-box ways to display treats by shopping Munch's toy box. 

Look around, branch out and be sure to share your innovative ideas! I'm always on the hunt for decor solutions :)

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