Monday, June 3, 2013

Mama-Made Monday: Pinwheel Banner

I've mentioned how I didn't have a LOT of time to plan the Mrs.-To-Be Masquerade Shower.  I thought about outsourcing the décor and quickly changed my mind.
I was just shocked at how expensive crafty party goods are!
With the masquerade theme, I wanted to have ruffles and pleats and feathers and sparkles...  I knew I wanted a personalized banner.  I also knew, however, I did NOT want to pay a whole lot of money for something I could make myself. 
Islanders, I'm going to show you the how-to and then tell you how-much to have one made.
Pleated Banner Tutorial
- Scrapbook letters
- Pre-Cut circles (sold at Michael's in the paper section near pennant triangles)
- 50lb cardstock
- Hot glue/gun
- Tape
1.  Fold your cardstock paper like an accordion.  Sidebar: as an ashy-kneed kid, we'd fold paper like this to create a fan (if you're like me, that's a great way to understand the folding technique):

2.  Fold your "accordion" paper in half like so:

3.  Line one side of the center fold (where the sides meet) with glue:

VOILA, you've create a pleated semi-circle!
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with another piece of cardstock.
5.  Glue the flat sides of two pleated semi-circles to create:

6.  Dab glue in the center of 1 pre-cut circle:

7.  Place one letter on top of the circle:
Shall we recap?
Fold and glue for a pleated semi-circle:

Glue two semi-circles together:

Top with a circle and a letter:
Easy right?!
Rather than string them together for hanging, I simply adhered them to the wall with a non-abrasive tape.  They are LARGE and made an awesome statement in the room :)

Our bride loved it too:
After the shower, this wall became a photo-op:
I've made banners like this a few times and they're always a hit.  If you decide to make one, be smarter than I - save your circles for future events!! Folding those papers is an easy task but it takes some time!
Now, are you ready for the price to have someone make it?
The photographed banner is half the size of ours and says "Bride To Be."  It costs $28 plus shipping.  Don't believe me? Check out the listing here.
I know.
It's just another reason I'm PROUD to be a crafty nerd.
See you tomorrow with more Masquerade Shower updates!


  1. Turned out great and so simple! Thanks for sharing.
    Pattern Party starts the 1st of each month.

    Get Your Crap Together

  2. I love the "Bride To Be" banner. Only $28! I'd pay twice that for that artist to create one for my event. Making one myself would take too much time and money. I couldn't make one for less than $50. I love that artists work. Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to send her business! Sandra


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