Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vegas Wedding - The Return.

You're probably thinking this post will begin to talk about my own life, right?!
I didn't get back to my own life until after the reception.  What reception, you ask?
Chaz decided to host a reception in his hometown, Fredericksburg, VA a few weeks after the wedding ceremony.
Deborah got word that he selected and paid for a venue and we all laughed at Chaz becoming a Groomzilla.  Seriously, dude?! He made a decision and it was going to be his thing, lol.  Deb did, however, decide to handle the décor.  After all, what bride wants to show up to her reception where the groom decorated and planned it?  Exactly.

Don't worry, Chaz was ok with her playing a role - HA!
The vision. Deborah wanted a photo booth, a color-coordinated sweets display, up lighting and other decor to set a fun ambiance.  She tasked me with helping her execute all of the above AND with designing the wedding cake. 
I scheduled a cake tasting with my favorite cake baker, Misty.  Remember? Misty was the baker I hired for their baby shower cake and it was very important to Deb that she design and bake her wedding cake.  I gave Misty free reign over the cake design (I couldn't focus long enough to design the cake).  It was amazing (pics coming soon)!
Anyhoo, while Deb and Chaz were off tasting cake, the girls had a playground date and let's just say they were all smiles, lol:
The two girls have a joy that is contagious. I hear them giggling and I can't help but smile.  It's always a party when these two get together:
Anyhoo, I mentioned before that I've been on frequent work-related travel; the week of the wedding reception was no exception.  In an effort to NOT slow down progress, we Face Timed daily.
Can you see those faces? I knew I was cute with my straight hair and they answered the call as I was flippin' my hair, lol. 

*rolls eyes* MOVING ON.
I returned from travel on the Friday before the wedding reception.  I had a lengthy list of tasks.  First stop? Ikea.  The reception venue had small (4-person) tables so we couldn't have centerpieces that took up too much space.  Deb wanted to create table numbers that would stand in a small decorative vase with a simple floral arrangement.  Ikea had the perfect size and colors for a great price:
I was also VERY pleased to see they had a polka dot fabric that would serve as the perfect backdrop to the sweets buffet and photo booth.  Additional tasks included design/make a cupcake stand, make a few banners, print and frame signage, finalize the venue layout, etc.  I spent my Saturday driving to pick-up baked goods, crafting for the dessert buffet, and finalizing the layout.  I went to bed at 2 a.m.
I woke up at 5:15 a.m. to load my car before heading to my 6:00 a.m. hair appointment.  I was a little late for church and I had to unload all of my beloved baked goods to avoid melting.  I left church, got waxed, stopped by my parents' home for a 10-minute break before driving to the venue to unload and decorate; it was A LOT!
For an hour or so, it was just his sister, Tiara, and I.  We were getting things done but I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when the extra hands arrived an hour before guests would arrive - especially when the bride and groom got in on the fun, lol.
Finally! We were all set-up and ready to go!
My week (and life) leading up to this event was so crazy.  I would be joking if I said I wasn't excited to reach this point.
Just when I thought I could breathe.  It hit me, I had to make a speech!
My stomach is in knots just thinking about it. 
I gotta go.
Tune in tomorrow for the reception wrap-up!

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