Monday, June 17, 2013

Masquerade Shower: The Favors

Thank you for coming on this journey through the Masquerade Bridal Shower.

Let's talk about the favors, shall we?

I wanted to have cute turquoise boxes similar to the signature Tiffany's blue gift box.  After all, every woman loves Tiffany's, right?!  In lieu of rings and trinkets from the jewelry store, I thought it would be SO cute to have ring-shaped cookies inside.  I was so excited to find mini boxes on eBay for $5/24.  

To make things even better, I found these fabulous cookies on etsy:

I made a floral square (tutorial coming soon) to create a "gift box" and placed it on top of a mirrored candle stick:

We surrounded the centerpiece with the mini favor boxes like so:

Rather than the cookies (they didn't arrive in time bc I moved and didn't change my shipping address... YES, I was SO sad), I purchased color-coordinating truffles for everyone.  They still turned out VERY cute.  For the tags, I didn't hole punch, I simply tied the ribbon and glued the tag to the top:

Don't be too sad about the cookies.  We used them in Vegas as favors for the ceremony.

Again, thanks for joining me on the recap of the Vegas wedding's events.  I'll pick back up with the monogram tutorial and floral block tutorials a little later.

I'm ready to move on to more Vegas wedding updates for a few days!

Come back tomorrow!!


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