Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vegas Wedding - The Speech.

Hi, my name is Tabitha and I really do NOT want to give a speech.  When Deb told me I'd have to give a speech I told her just how much I REALLY did not want to.  Deb is a very private person so I knew there was no way out when she said, "you have to give a speech and you can't talk about our friendship unless you talk about everything we've been through... It's ok.  You have to do it."
So... Here goes.
Deborah and I became friends, through Chaz, 2 weeks after her mother passed away.  At a time when she cut off from the world, severed her closest friendships and, simply put, didn't want to be bothered, she and I grew close.  We've been inseparable ever since.  We became family this past August when my god baby, Chandler Londyn Moore, *deep breath to fight tears* couldn't.  She -- she just didn't.  Despite our excitement. And hope. And anticipation... She just-- she didn't come home.
You know, you really get to know a person at their core - how strong their faith is, what they truly stand for, who they really are - when they go through something.
Deborah, it takes a strong woman to be a wife.  Wives, can I get an amen?! *wives start side-eyeing husbands saying AMEN!*
God has prepared you for this phase of life.  He has equipped you with the tools to survive marriage. 
Now Chaz, it takes a good man to recognize a strong woman is more than a baby mama.  I can only say a few nice things before the jokes start to roll so pay close attention...
I've known you for 15 years and you've always been a cool dude and a good guy...  I am proud to say that through the trials of home ownership, fatherhood, grief and more, I've been able to witness as you become a great man.

I'm sure you'll have plenty of people stand and laugh with you during this celebration.  They'll tell you marriage is awesome and married life will be good... My toast, however, is a reality check that life is not always sweet.  You're going to cry, times will get hard, you will get hurt but the secret to a successful marriage is always remembering that you are stronger.  Together.
I sat in my seat next to Deb.  We embraced and cried like no one else was in the room.

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