Friday, June 28, 2013

Vegas Wedding - The Reception.

Soul Train Introduction
As the bridal party (which grew from 2 in Vegas to 8 for the reception) was announced, we formed a soul train line with girls on one side and guys on the other.  The first to be introduced?  Our babies.
Deb requested that Munch walk in with Chazity.  They held hands and were SO adorable!  Yes, Munch wore pink and turquoise in god baby's memory.  I love the simple pink dress and, with a piece of turquoise ribbon, I quickly created a belt.  Even her shoes were a nod to our baby (they had sparkly rose gold bows)!
The Bridal party was all lined up, the DJ changed the song to Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" and in walks our bride and groom.  Now, Deb is a diehard Beyoncé fan so she started wiggling like her super star idol!
Down the soul train line they came!
Each of the bridal party couples had to come down the line to their seat.
We ate, we drank, we took pics in the photo booth.
We hung in the VIP section:
He grabbed the garter:
He tossed the garter:
She tossed her bouquet:
They danced, they hugged, they cut the BEAUTIFUL cake:
The cake was a nod to god baby's baby shower cake.  The middle tier was an exact replica of the ruffles on the shower cake.  Misty sparkled bows that cascaded down the side of the cake.  It was truly a BEAUTIFUL piece of art.  I picked it up and cried when I saw it.  I remembered how excited I was to see the baby shower cake...
 Then I recalled how excited we were to have the shower...

and to decorate her nursery...



and to meet her and...

I'm about to cry so let's move on.
As another nod to god baby, I gave the couple a cake and knife server from Things Remembered; it had crystal bows on it!  GORGEOUS!
The cake cutting was extra cute because it was a family affair:
 O and because Chaz handled the venue and the contract staff, no one was there to cut and serve the cake.  Yea, as in, it wasn't a contracted task... As in that cake wouldn't get eaten?!
I don't THINK so!
No prob.  Into the kitchen I go...
Yes, those are some pretty expensive shoes to be trotting around with a 20 pound cake into a restaurant kitchen.  Not my proudest moment but... Anything for my friends.
I wanted these two to really enjoy their extra special day!
 O and don't think I forgot about the knots in my stomach over the speech.  We'll get to that before we wrap this thing up.  Don't even worry.

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