Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Masquerade Shower: The Food.

Deb's Masquerade Bridal Shower was hosted at the mother-of-the-groom's home (her name is Ms. Joy).  Between me, Gloriana (the maid of honor), Ms. Joy and Tiara (his sister), there was enough GOOD food for everyone. 

Ms Joy (left) Gloriana (right)

Tiara wanted this to be a grown-up affair so she ensured alcohol was on deck.
We had strawberry champagne:

and Jell-O shots:

Yes, Jell-O shots.  They were red and turquoise to coordinate with the event's colors.  O, you didn't see them?  They're over there next to the water, lol:

I hate Jell-O.  Like, hate it.  That wiggly texture makes me gag... Somehow, if you make the serving size really small... and add cheap alcohol, the Jell-O tastes better... Like delicious almost. I've had Jell-O shots one time before this event.  Like I said, it was this tiny little thing with great flavor.  Let me tell you, these Jell-O shots were fist-sized and required you to get a little messy.  The steps for drinking (eating? slurping? I'm about to puke THINKING about it) grossed a germ-o-phobe like me out:

"Use your pinky nail around the edges to loosen it up."  {GROSS}

"Squish the cup together to loosen it up." {GAG}

"Squeeze the cup while slurping the Jello down" {NASTY}

"Use your nail to dig up any excess and repeat."

I'm sorry. I couldn't.  I just *pause* could not.

Rather, I sipped on the non-alcoholic punches I brought that just-so-happened (yea right) to match the event colors:
On the buffet, we had chicken wings, mac-n-cheese, green beans, fruit salad, chicken salad, mini meat ball subs and more.

We made pretzel sticks dipped in turquoise candy melts, chocolates and mask-shaped cookies:

O and I can't forget the cake:

I worked with my boo, Misty, to design a topsy-turvy cake.  Would you believe that mask is gum paste?  It was amazing!!

If you're looking for a talented baker in the northern Virginia area.  Contact Misty and tell her I sent you.

I tossed the decorative plastic plant from and dragged it across her main level borrowed one of Ms. Joy's decorative columns to serve as a cake table.  All it took was a white tablecloth and red ribbon to make it fabulous!

When it was time to cut the cake, I moved the column front and center.   It really worked out well.  Deb was able to cut the cake without forcing anyone to move.  In the photo below, she is spinning the cake for everyone's camera, lol.


Hope your day is sweet!
Stay tuned for more shower deets tomorrow.

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