Thursday, May 9, 2013

Umbrella Sharing - A Love Story Continued.

Islanders, I have another sweet story from the life of my sweet parents.

Mom worked with Hubbs to surprise Dad with the car he's always wanted. 

On May 1, we all had our missions.  I was tasked with procuring the big red bow:

And putting the car in position:
Dad heard about a new restaurant, Bistro Bethem.  Hubbs, Munch and I walked in the new restaurant (unsure of whether we should crash the dinner).  When I saw how intimate the place was I ducked, snatching the kid, I ran out of the restaurant.  

It was official, we crashed their anniversary.
Shh! They didn't see us.  Hubbs spoke to the manager.  The manager walked over the table and told Mom she had a phone call.
Disclaimer: Dad's been yelping (learn more here).  He writes reviews for everything.  Apparently, when the manager said someone called, Dad thought it was because his yelping was having a huge impact.  Matter of fact, he announced it to the restaurant staff and those at neighboring tables.

Mom returned to the table and told him that Brian and I were fussing; we needed to talk to him right now.
He came out as if to diffuse a situation...
"Hey guys, what's going on?"
Me: Have you seen the new car he got?
Dad: Yea, it's a nice car, son.
Hubbs: Man, walk with me...
Hubbs: She's mad that I got this car ... and you got that one *points to the new car*
Do you see his face?  He definitely stood like that (eyes closed, tears falling, lip puckered) for a FULL minute.
Then he stood like this:

Then, he backed up... Speechless.
Mom took the keys from Brian and said, "I got it for you, honey.  I got the car for you... Happy anniversary!"
Still, no words from Dad.
Then, FINALLY, he had words.  

The man said he would... uh... return the favor later... With "quality time."
Back to silence...
It was a sweet moment enjoyed by all of the staff, the patrons, passers by and, luckily, my little family.
I've never seen my Dad sob.  My mom has never been able to surprise Dad.  He just knows too much.  Once again, however, I learned something from my parents.
In this instance, I learned romance should not be the responsibility of one party in any relationship; it's okay to surprise the guy sometimes. 
My parents don't live a life without storms.  They have, however, chosen to share the same umbrella during the storms.

I love love.
FYI - I also love a good laugh so, yes, I did send this picture with this face to the entire family.  I just can't stop giggling at that lip pucker! We got him SO good!
I needed that smile.

Have a LOVE-filled Thursday :)

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  1. Awwwwww!!! Your parents are SO cute!!! I love love! *tear*


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