Monday, May 13, 2013

iPod?! iCant.

While waiting on my flight in the Vegas airport, I received an iMessage.
"Dear Mommy, I hope you had fun at the wedding."
I responded:
"Did Munch write that?"
The response I received was a major shocker for me:
"Yes mommy I did.  Pop-Pop bought me an iPod."
WAIT.  He did WHAT?! An iPod?! 

Now, back in MY day, my father would NEVER purchase me an iPod. I got my first MP3 player as a High School Senior.  She is 6.  MESSAGING ME?
Again, back in MY day, the ONLY thing an iPod did was play music and maybe a movie.  Sure, one could easily change the views of how the information was sorted (by title, by artist, by type, etc.) but now?  The iPod does everything the iPhone and iPad do EXCEPT make phone calls (though, it does FaceTime AND, with the Skype app, you can make phone calls).
At first, I gave Pop-Pop a side eye (Seriously?! 6?! With an iPod?).  Then, she told me he did it because he's the BEST Pop-Pop in the world and she loves him I watched her sound out her words before she texted her Tati.  I answered her questions about how to spell bigger words and I was happy to see those same words spelled correctly in her school stories.  The iPod has reading apps, math practice, phonics lessons and brings our Munch smiles.
It's very funny.  She facetimes me all the time.  She will get up and run out of the room into the next one JUST to call and chat... About nothing.
The iPod enables communication between Munch and me (now the bathroom REALLY isn't an escape)...
Once, she was laying beside me and Facetimed me to ask,
"Mommy, who is that next to you?"
"GIRL, it's you!!"
"O" *giggles*
Even the iMessages have brought many laughs.  

The Scene: We arrive to her before-school care facility and I'm waiting on her to get out of the car.  She tosses her iPod into the cup holder and hops out.  When I returned to my car, I had THIS waiting for me on my cell: 

LOL.  She had the nerve to look annoyed that afternoon and when I hadn't responded.

The iPod is bringing her great joy.  Seeing her smile brings me great joy.

Have the grandparents (or aunts or god parents or friends) purchased a toy you THOUGHT would be a problem and it's turned out to be a GREAT investment?

I gotta go.  My kid is iMessaging me.


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