Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick and Affordable Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

I hold teachers in the highest regard.  They are up there with law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals, etc.
While I think teachers are super heroes, there is NOTHING like the dedication of a called teacher.  What do I mean by called?  Some people teach for the career of teaching while others have a calling to teach.  It's what they love.
Munch's teacher is called.  She is informative, honest, responsive, caring...  She checks on us, the parents, to ensure we work to help Munch understand concepts she's learning in class.  She emails every Friday with details of what the class has covered in each subject.  She writes notes in Munch's agenda several times a week specific to her progress.  She encourages my daughter in such a way that makes Munch rush home to announce things like, "Ms. Hopper said I read beautifully."
To show our thanks for everything Ms. Hopper does, we made a quick and easy treat.  Munch gave me the low down.
Ms. Hopper likes chocolate (and loves fudge).
Ms. Hopper likes coffee (and loves Starbucks).
Ms. Hopper's favorite color is purple.
We baked Ghiradelli double chocolate brownies:
We bought a Starbucks gift card and the new Starbucks reusable cup (only $1)!
We baked the brownies according to package directions.  After the brownies cooled, I used the Pam spray top and used it to cut circles in the brownie pan.  I know it sounds weird but the Pam top was the perfect size for the brownies to fit in the cup and the flexible plastic top made it easy to wiggle the brownie out.
I placed two brownie circles per cupcake wrapper and stacked them before placing them in the cup like so:
I then put a wrapper on top to ensure they didn't dry out overnight.
Munch painted a picture (using craft paint and Q-tips), I used one of my scrap wedding invitations and I think it turned out really cute.
A picture, a thank you painting and a Starbucks gift card... Perfect! We tied it up pretty:
Bagged up the treats:
It was ready to go!
Munchface was so excited to take our gifts to her amazing teacher, Ms. Hopper.
Do you know a teacher?  Has someone taught you something?  THANK THEM TODAY.
So, how are you showing appreciation for the hard work of teachers?  Need other ideas?  Check out my post from last year here.

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