Monday, May 6, 2013

Vegas - More BANG for the Buck!

Remember my Wordless Wednesday post with the pics from the Big Shot?
No? Well, check out the other images here.
From the time Hubbs and I left the airport, I mentally compiled a list of things I wanted to do.  As we turned onto Las Vegas Blvd (known as The Strip), I saw a billboard advertisement to shoot an uzi.  I announced that I MUST do it.  When we arrived to the hotel, I saw signs for amusement park rides. One ride, The Big Shot, was a fast takeoff to the highest point of Vegas.  I mentally decided that I must do that also.
DISCLAIMER: My trip to Vegas was in support of my dear friend, Deb.  I was the Matron of Honor and performed whatever duties she needed of me.   I ensured she enjoyed her planning process and that Vegas was as stress-free as possible.  The wedding was Saturday and we flew out Sunday evening so...
My final day in Vegas was mine.
I woke with the mission of riding The Big Shot.  I did it.  You saw the pics.  Sure, my cell phone died, I lost the man, we spent an hour looking for each other, he was worried and annoyed,  I was excited but annoyed too (lol)... but FINALLY we found each other.
We attended the bridal brunch at the Grand Lux Cafe with the other wedding guests:
It was a beautiful venue and the chicken-n-waffles were pretty amazing!
After brunch, we said our farewells and headed to find my uzi!
We found several options in the same area.  The only problem was these packages were VERY expensive (starting at $139).  I just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money for a few shots.  I tried to bribe but, when it didn't work, I looked at that little cocktail waitress like she was crazy and got back in the car:
Have they lost their minds?
The billboard I saw said $30. We left one and I made Hubbs sit in a parking lot while I called every range in town. FINALLY, I found THE ONE!!  The manager said I could shoot 1 magazine from an uzi for.... $25!
They were the nicest group of folks and could tell that I was crazy excited:
 Our sales associate was willing to let us do whatever we wanted... Hubbs and I built our own package and it was a great price (less than $75!!!).
This mama shot an uzi(it blew my pony tail into the air, lol):
AND a grenade launcher:

The power behind that baby gave me a hot flash; it was amazing!!!
Awesome, right?! 
I know, I am just checking boxes off of my pink glitter bucket list (many I didn't even know I had).
This guy and I had a blast!

After this photo (taken with Hollywood props outside of the facility), we headed to the outlets for some shopping before our mid-day flight. 
Now, if you're ever in town and want to get more BANG for your BUCK, stop by the Las Vegas Gun Range and Fire Arms Center!  They have the best prices in town and made sure our trip was worth it!

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  1. These pics are priceless. Im hyped! Get me to a gun range ASAP!


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