Friday, May 24, 2013

House Update - Family Room

By now, you know I'm a slacker about unpacking my clothes in the new house.  However, despite some crazy life happenings, I did unpack 1 bag this weekend.  One bag?!
I've been speaking of the house more often here lately so I figured it's about time that I provide you guys with an official house update.
But first...
Rewind: In our last home, I rushed to furnish and to decorate.  I wanted to fill the space with décor.  I bought pictures and tchotchke and painted and... Honestly, I changed my mind all the time.  I had to realize I was buying things for everyone but our little family.  Somewhere deep inside, I worried with impressing visitors and wanted the magazine-worthy house.  Reality check, Tabitha:

1. I'll never have that magazine-worthy budget.

2. It doesn't suit my family's style. 

Long story short, because my purchases never made me happy, I was never satisfied.  I thought my lack of satisfaction was just a result of a search for my décor style. As a result, I bought more.  I've had every décor style at some point over the last 10 years - from Asian-inspired to shabby chic. I've been a little country, a little rock-n-roll, a little modern, a little traditional, a little cottage...
In this house, I'm taking my time.  I'm calculating my every move.  I'm thinking about how I want the space to look before I proceed to buy.
I think it's working.

We were in the new house for 6 weeks before I put my first holes in the walls.  Seriously, we had nothing on the walls and no décor out until I was ready

Ready for what?  Well, ready to answer 2 very important questions for every room:
1.  What is this room's purpose for my family?
2.  What colors make sense for the space?
In the family room, I wanted colors that made me happy (spring green and cheery yellow) to be balanced with the comfort of soft gray and tried-and-true blue.
I didn't see this combination before I started decorating; the room just evolved.  Our family room is a place where we relax, have fun, enjoy each other... It's the place where we spread Uno cards and puzzle pieces on the floor.
I want it to be perfect. For us.
The UpdateIn a recent Ross shopping trip, I found pillows that were comfortable yet structured and brought the sunshine in.  I found some cute artwork that had a little meaning and would fill the space over the loveseat perfectly.  I bought it all and excitedly started to shape the design of the family room.
It's coming together nicely.
These colors make me happy.  They also brighten the space and give it a casual comfortable feel.  I know it's working because, as I've settled into this room, I notice others gravitate there also.
My family room is welcoming?  Mission accomplished.
Now, sure, I haven't purchased curtains yet and I have a lot of walls to cover and the t.v. isn't mounted over the fireplace but I'm excited at the possibilities.  I'm enjoying it's imperfectness because I know it's potential.
I've got plans for this room - BIG time-consuming and intimidating plans.  I'm embracing the idea that taking my time doesn't mean I'm not productive.  It simply means I care enough to do it right.  The first time.  Well, for now.
In the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy my little pillows and pictures.  Not only because they look great but because they make me feel great.
What colors make you feel great?
Have you incorporated them into your décor?

I'll be sure to post pics of the family room soon enough.  Sorry!

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  1. Beautiful palette! So jealous, I'd love to have a blank slate and start all over and get rid of the clutter and craziness at our place. :)

    Can't wait to see pictures!


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