Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flowers: Keeping Them Alive.

Hello, Islanders!  This is my last post about the house for a week or so. 
Well, because I'm finally ready to share the Vegas Wedding's events (bridal shower, wedding, reception, etc.).  That's why.
Saturday was a great day; my peonies bloomed!
We've discussed how I don't have a green thumb on either hand (check out that post here).  I would, however, like to announce that I do know how to maintain fresh cut flowers.  It may sound crazy to hear but I'm good at caring for flowers that will inevitably die... OK, I admit it felt weird to type it... but trust me.
1. Use warm water.  It helps your flowers continue to fully bloom before dying
2. Cut the base of the stems at an angle.  Rather than cutting straight across, angle your scissors upward.  It helps the stems continue to absorb the water after being cut
3.  Trim 1-2 inches off the bottom of your stems before placing them in water.  If your stems are long enough to spare, trim an inch off the bottom every 2 days
4. Place flowers in areas with indirect sunlight
5.  Use a hydrating solution (see my recipe below)
3 Steps to Long Lasting Floral Arrangements
Combine the following into your vase, cup or jar:
- Equal parts water and 7Up
- Teaspoon of bleach
Follow these tips and your cut flowers will last 1-3 weeks.  I know and you're welcome.
I am so excited to enjoy the blooms I've inherited in our 30 yr old gardens.  As the seasons change, I love having such gorgeous flowers (peonies, roses, tulips, hydrangea, lilies and so many more)!!  What makes it even better is that I don't have to really work at it; God scheduled when the flowers will bloom.  Another miracle I am grateful for (especially with those cicadas buzzing around).
Check out my latest arrangement on the family room coffee table (well, before I moved 10 times and finally decided on the the kitchen table).
Aren't peonies just lovely?!
I hope you have a beautiful day blooming with happiness!

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