Friday, August 16, 2013

7 - The Birthdate Update

I survived.  She's 7 and 1 day.  The world still spins on its axis.  All is well, Islanders.  It's ok.  I'm ok. I think.

I mentioned that some of Munch's birthday gifts have started to arrive to the house.  Well, here's a brief birthday update...

Dom and Sheena got her desk:

It's perfect for the homework nook (measuring before ordering makes all the difference)!  I also ordered her desk chair, it's coming soon!

Hubbs announced for her birthday, Munch will design her very own pair of sneakers!  I can't wait to share her design with all of you BUT as you can see in the photo below, she was pretty excited about the news:
Our computer's view

Yesterday, her birthdate, I went to camp with cupcakes to celebrate.  I tied balloons to the arm of her baby doll (she leaves her in the car everyday for me to "watch") and brought with me 3 dozen neon cupcakes.

The Sr. Campers stood in line while we wiped down the picnic tables:

I tried to take a pic of Munch but...

there was a photo bomb in *like* every pic.

O and Islanders, allow me to introduce Ravi, her crush.

He is a sweetheart and gave Zion a cute card for her birthday.  He also was cool with a pink cupcake and even secure enough to not care about the pink lips that comes with eating pink icing:

She had a blast and couldn't wait to head out for an evening of fun with mommy, daddy and CHAZITY!!!

 More to come :)

O and wish us luck!  Party is tomorrow!!!

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