Friday, August 2, 2013

Frugal Friday - School Clothes Tips

 Munch is known for having her own style.


It's crazy because she, like her mommy and daddy, has a unique sense of style and has always been a fashionista.


I know what she likes and I assume the role of personal stylist often.


Sometimes, she loves it.

Sometimes, she... Well, less-than loves it.
Her goal is to use fashion to fully express herself.
An oldie but a goodie... She was ready to go... with her shades upside down.
My job is to ensure she is clean, age-appropriate and... well, cute.  Duh.


O and Hubbs is totally in on it.  He keeps her sneaker game up.
A Daddy Outfit
He also took her to get most of her school clothes last year because I had weddings:

A Daddy outfit.

As a team, we've mastered Munch's style.  We pick pieces we know she'll love.  If I had to "name" her style, I'd probably call it:
Preppy Rock Star Princess Diva Swag

A lot, I know.


Munch wears anything animal print.


Anything bright colored.


She likes unique pieces because she says she's not like everybody else.  She loves to dress herself:

Her outfit one day was on trend with the mix of prints but same color palette.


I have received a number of emails from folks asking about Munch's attire.  Today, I thought I'd share... I have a few go-to stores and if you, like I, are looking for the perfect threads for a cool kid, you may find these tips and resources helpful!
KNOW YOUR CHILD.  I've found as Munch has gotten older that she looks her cutest when she's happy with her outfit. Sometimes that may mean she's wearing a pettiskirt to dinner but... If she's happy, it works:

My kid likes animal print, bright fun prints/colors, hoodies, leggings and anything that screams COOL kid (funky tees, skinny jeans, cool sneakers, flats, etc.).  She does not like to wear dresses and skirts to school very often so I tend to stay away from those (unless there's an occasion OR she picks them out). 

KNOW WHERE TO SHOP FOR WHAT.  I would never buy undergarments from the Gap.  WHY?!  Not because they aren't great undies OR because they won't fit but because their undies are no different from Kmart or Walmart undies.  They are, however, double (or triple) the price.
Here are some recommendations for my go-to (I didn't say ONLY) stores:
1. Walmart - jeans (always $10 or less), jeggings, standard leggings (solid-colored), basic tees, undies and socks.
2. Target - cardigans, tutu skirts, special occasion dresses, jackets, accessories.
3. Crazy8 - everything!  I especially love their shoes... They are owned by Gymboree and offer more affordable, quality clothes.  printed leggings, tops, cardigans, dresses, everything... I can find signature pieces that are easily mixed-and-matched for a unique look.  The store is sorted into collections so if you don't like a certain bottom to a top, there are always several outfit options.  I can always count on them for a cute outfit.  Actually, all of  Munch's first day outfits to date have come from Crazy8.

4. H & M - THE go-to spot for affordable meets fashion forward.  I love their deals and clothes.  It's always edgy and cool... Effortless style.

5. Children's Place - It has quickly become the mom go-to spot.  I like to buy the things that aren't as mainstream - cardigans/jackets, funky flats and accessories.
SPLURGE A SIZE UP. There is always a piece (or 10) that is the must-have splurge.  I don't splurge on t-shirts or jeans.  I typically splurge on outerwear, blazers, hoodies, cardigans, etc.  When I splurge (and I do), I buy 1-2 sizes too big.  Matter of fact, I consider those $18 Target cardigans to be a splurge and I always purchase them in larger sizes.  I get more value if she can wear it 2-3 seasons!  Plus, sweaters and coats that are too big are no where NEAR as noticeable as larger bottoms.  See my theory in action below:
The vest was a size 5 and she was 3.

Size 5 sweater and she was 3

Size 5 sweater and she was 4

Size 6 blazer and she was 5
Not all of my readers have children but most are in a position to purchase for little ones.  I hope all of you found this information useful and, hey, even if you didn't... You did get a dose of cute for the day, right?!
Business as usual next week.  Party and big girl room updates will pick back up!

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