Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back To School - Blue & Pink.

I was looking through Munch's first day pics and I noticed a distinct similarity:

First Grade

Navy & Pink

The kid has worn navy and pink for the first day of school each year...  I didn't even notice it until I was looking for the first day outfit again this year.  My search was over when I saw navy & pink... THAT was the color combo for the first day.  Shortly after completing my happy dance, I thought, "did she wear that last year??"
*click through a few pics and...
YEP, she definitely did.

Something about this color combination screams classic.  

Like I said, while visiting one of my favorite stores to shop the unique clothing for Munch, I hit the mother load for all things pink and navy!  I can't wait to stock up and to share which outfit we decide will be the First Day 'fit.  

Check out my finds:

#1 2pack fashion tops - H&M
#2 Heart tank - Gap
*All other items - Crazy8

If you love the clothes, just check out the SHOES:

1. Polka dot oxfords - J.Crew
2. Ugg Bow Boots - Zappos
3. White Polka Dot sneakers - Crazy8
4. Pink Nautical Flat - J.Crew
5. Navy Polka Dot High Tops - H&M
6. Coral Striped Flats - Crazy8

I'm sure Munch will be adorable on her first day.  If you can, consider taking care of your little one's school shopping this weekend; it's TAX FREE (August 2-4)!!

Tax free shopping on articles of clothing and on all school supplies?  Count me in!

Tips for Successful School Shopping

- Check last year's inventory.  Pull out last year's clothes to see what fits and what will work for school again this year.  Designate your giveaway, donate and trash items.  Doing this early will let you know what to focus your efforts on.

- Know what you want.  This will be a busy weekend so don't take this as an opportunity to browse the racks; have an idea of what you want beforehand.  Get in and get out!

- Pull school supply lists from the school's website.  I will NOT wait until the last minute (I almost didn't get her folders last year because they were sold out *like* everywhere)!

- Have a number in mind.  Determine how many outfits you're looking to purchase before you leave so you avoid over-spending.

- Check for deals.  Coupons and sales are always a plus for the budget! 

- Be an early bird.  Be one of the first few customers to get the best selection and to ensure you have the rest of your day.

 - Don't forget the unmentionables.  Take advantage of sales to buy new undershirts, undies and socks if necessary.

- Have fun!  Plan out your meals (try a new restaurant??) and, if you finish in enough time, stop for a treat.  Hubbs and I promise Munch a trip to Sweet Frog or Coldstone to unwind after a long day of shopping.  This year, I think we'll make a morning of it and plan a family activity afterward.

- Come home and re-assess.  Once home, lay out the outfits to see how everything pulls together and to ensure you didn't miss anything. One year, I purchased a see-through top and didn't realize until we were walking out the door that it needed an undershirt.

Hope this helps!

I'll speak more on my go-to shops and techniques (yes, there's a technique) for Munch's back-to-school supplies and fashion tomorrow.  I'll also share some of our fab finds too!

Until then,

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