Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today, August 14, 2013, is my 9th wedding anniversary.

9 years.

No, it hasn't been easy.  It hasn't been a walk in Target (yes, Target.  I don't necessarily enjoy strolls in the park but I've never met a TARGET I didn't like).  We've fussed and fought.  Cried and yelled.  We've been at our wits end but what I've come to learn over the years is, because we truly believe that we are each other's soul mate, we always make a way.

We don't always agree.  Matter of fact, we seldom agree.  

I hate that he hugs me after the gym when he smells like a sweaty foot.

Bumping my foot on his sneakers annoys me to know end.

He is lactose intolerant but loves cheese and milkshakes and ice cream.  Need I say more?

The key to our marriage isn't that I've chosen to ignore his flaws (or vice versa); it's that I love him despite his flaws (except that lactose intolerant piece... Not cool, man. Not cool.).  He accepts me for the nerd I am.  He loves me when I'm hyper-sensitive.  He adores my freckles... He thinks I'm cute when I know I look a mess. In his eyes, I'm pretty awesome... even when I'm being a total brat.  He lets me neglect him when I need to be there for someone else.  

9 years ago today, I married the love of my life.
We've made memories.  We've made a family.  We've made a home.  We've built our own happily ever after.

I thank God for that.

So, no, today won't have big girl room updates or party plans or any of that stuff. I'm going to spend time with him...


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