Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Get Quiet When I'm Working

Happy first-post-of-the-week, Tuesday!
Wait.  What's that look about? O... I get it.  You've gotten used to me posting Monday-Friday and the lack of a post yesterday threw you for a loop?  Well, allow me an opportunity to explain...
When I'm focused on a project, I get really quiet; I need silence.  I'm talking eerie-anybody-home silence.  The kind where I've had Hubbs looking for me in the house and I'm crouched in a corner gluing or sketching at 1 am...  the kind of silence where I've heard what glue sounds like when it leaves the barrel of the glue gun. 
Silence is like a security blanket for the crafter in me.  I know what you're thinking and I agree.  The same person who can't even listen to the radio without singing along gets all shut-your-mouth quiet to make a hair bow or a centerpiece?!  Crazy, I know.
All that to say... I know I've been posting more frequently and yesterday's silence on the Island was  a rare occurrence.  It's my island, right?! Not only do I post when I want BUT I post because I want to.
I've got to stand by the content of my blog.  It's very important to me that you, my beloved Islanders, have a reason to come back - quality content is that reason.
Anyhoo, enough with the boring explanation!  Let's see some progress, shall we?
Munchface's room is a mess.  Seriously.  I could clean it but I need to figure out what the problem is.  It could be that my kid doesn't seem to understand the concept of cleaning her room.  She throws everything in her closet and haphazardly tosses her clothes into drawers (mixing tops and bottoms, pajamas and school clothes, etc.).  Honestly, it's driving me batty but I may have found a solution.
Remember the dresser transformation from a few years back? (Click here for more).
I took a $15 Craigslist dresser, lovingly pet named The Victim, from this:
To this:

In the new house, that dresser is just sitting in the messy craft room with random junk covering it:
Yep... It's just hanging out with the craft, donation and party planner junk and, get this, it's serving NO purpose.  Guess what?!
This evening, I'm moving The victim to Munch's closet and I can't frikkin' wait!  I'll put her shoes that have no box in the bottom drawer, her socks and PJs in another drawer and maybe add some hooks on the side for her purses... Hmm, this whole dresser in the closet might work out juuuuuust fine for us.
OMG! Is this no-spending momma getting a little excited?!
Stay tuned, Islanders!
WAIT! I have another update!  The reading nook received a major piece too - the bean bag birthday gift from Tati!  The large and comfy chair is in its home and it's perfect:
Both Munch and Baby Doll love it.  Matter of fact, Baby Doll loved it so much that she decided to sleep there all night:
Now, I've just got to figure out how to move a socket higher to hang this thrifty find (an August purchase because no shopping this month.  Remember?!):

We'll talk more about that small pink sparkle chandelier soon enough... I just need to get it hung like ASAP!
Until tomorrow!!

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