Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Farewell Summer

This past week has been nuts.  Between a stomach virus, a busy wedding weekend and work picking up for an upcoming event, LIFE has been crazy.
We bid summer a bittersweet farewell right before school started.  Now that it's officially fall, I felt it was appropriate to share the photos of our formal farewell to summer.
The song she sang while waiting to see her X-rays.
Munchface said bye to the crush, Ravi, with a friendly game of tag:
Grandma Judy came and we enjoyed breakfast at Cracker Barrel:
We also played a little laser tag:
Her laser tag "warrior" name was Z-Money.  IDK, don't ask.
She spent a LOT of time rocking her little babies to sleep:
That Sunday, I opened my home for Devona's Tupperware party and, IDK how, but I'll be hosting my own party soon so look out for an invite :)
We also had one final sleepover with Chazity and I got my hair done :)
This has been an eventful few months for our little family!
Not to mention the back-to-school prep:
With summer officially gone, we are knee-deep in second grade and cheerleading.  Yes, WE are cheering.  I'm no longer air cheering on the sides, I coach.  I know... because I needed something else to add to the to-do list, right?! :)
Look, if I'm going to have to sit at the practices for 2 hours, I might as well put my skillzzzz to use, right?!  Plus, the girls just look so cute in their uniforms and are really working hard for competition.

Happy it's-officially-pumpkin-spice Fall, ya'll!

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