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2013 Year in Review

2013 has been great to us.  The year was full of events, traveling, new beginnings and more.  Here's our year at a glance.


We rang in the new year with a family movie date and dance party.

The RLCC Women's Fellowship hosted a lumpia cooking lesson:

Of course, our annual Fabulous Island national holiday occurred - my birthday!  I celebrated 30 years of life with friends over a yummy dinner:

The next day, I had cake and punch with my church family.  Afterwards, my parents  hosted a family brunch in my honor at Bravo's:

When I thought things couldn't get any better, I got a birthday text from my favorite-est little birthday gift.

"Happy birthday, Auntie Tabby!"

My play-niece baby boo,  Olivia, had finally arrived and, to make it even cooler, she shares my birthdate.  

We met and it, the physical act of holding my dear friend's first born, was amazing.

Also in January, Tati, Hubbs and I hosted an impromptu Inaugural Ball for the kiddos.  

I fit into my prom dress for the event, lol:

MAJOR for me :)

The kids had a blast and I can't wait to make it a tradition for years to come.

To celebrate my birthday, my parents gave Hubbs and I the opportunity to cruise the Caribbean.  We set sail the last week of January and returned early February.  OMG! We visited several new places and had an awesome time!


Our offer on our second home was accepted!  We were officially moving!

Amidst the packing, we celebrated Valentine's Day with a nice family dinner.  Hubbs made the cutest cards and bought Munch and I the sweetest gifts:

Munch and I tried a new recipe:


O, in February, I helped Ryan host Tony and Jay's Guess HOO baby shower:


We closed on our new home and moved in.  It was crazy!


The same week we moved into our new home, I hosted a Masquerade Bridal Shower for Deborah:

In April, Munch had her first phone call from the house phone with a friend from school:

Milestones, people.  Milestones.  Munch and her friend didn't talk about much - mainly giggling that the phones worked and they were able to call - whatever, lol. 

Also in April, Hubbs ran in the GloRun at the National Harbor.

A few days later, Hubbs and I traveled to Las Vegas for Chaz and Deb's wedding!

Bachelorette?  Ceremony?  Planning? Meetings?  Talk about busy but fun.  LOTS OF FUN!
On the way home, I received a message that my dad purchased Munch an iPod.  I thought it was random but she loves it (... and I do too).

Facetiming me while sitting next to me.

Mom surprised Dad with a new BMW in celebration of their anniversary!

It was a great moment to witness :)

Munch's Zumba troop performed at our county's multi-cultural festival.

My world was rocked a few days before Mother's Day when my mom was rushed to the hospital for heart issues.

Thank God it was a short stay and she was ok.  

Despite Sheena's maternity leave, we had a wedding Mother's Day weekend.  Islanders, you know it's a great party when kids attending their senior prom in the same hotel crash the wedding reception:

The bride and groom were so excited their wedding was the party to attend!

The cicadas hit their peak in May… We barely survived!

Hubbs was sweeping the cicada shells everyday!

Later in the month, Chaz and Deb hosted their wedding reception in his hometown.  I was in charge of decor and it was an event to remember:

The day after their reception, Hubbs turned 30!  We celebrated with nice gifts, shopping and watching movies around the house.  Munch and I got cute for the festivities:


I helped my brother-in-law plan the most awkward baby shower ever.

The decor was fab but, had I known it was for one of my best friend's EX-boyfriends, I would've NEVER agreed to help, lol.  Girl code, people. Girl code.

Father's Day was spent at Mike and Ryan's in the company of family and cookout food - yum!

With June came the end of the school year.  Munch finished first grade and had a very successful year.  We both, however, miss her awesome first grade teacher:)

We kicked summer off with a dinner at Tati's.

We had so much fun running through the sprinklers that Munch had to take her top off!  Talk about Girls Gone Wild!  

With the end of school came our third year attending the Merit Academy summer camp.  Once again, Munch had an awesome summer filled with field trips, ice cream parties, pool days and more EVERY WEEK!


We spent Independence Day in Georgia with my extended family.  We ate, we thrift shopped, we partied, we... lost another tooth?

On the way home, we made a stop in South Carolina for some of the freshest peaches I've ever had.

 Back home, Munch mastered riding a bike!

Tati took the kids to see Despicable Me 2 :)

Cousin Kelly and her family came to visit from New Jersey.

Deb and I went to see Beyonce in concert!

Looking back, July was an awesome month!


Always a major month for our family, August 2013 did not disappoint!  Hubbs and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.

The next day, Munch turned seven.

We celebrated with cupcakes and games at her summer camp.

After leaving camp, we went to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt.

Later that evening, we took a family trip to Fun Land for games and fun with Chazzy.

That weekend, we hosted an awesome Sunshine & Lemonade birthday party at one of our neighborhood beaches.

On August 20th, we joined Deborah and Chaz in remembrance of God baby's first birthday.

We filled balloons with notes, confetti, pictures, etc...

After a prayer and words from her parents, we released the balloons and shared a family dinner.

The last week of camp, Munch broke her thumb :(  Don't get too sad… She was more bummed that she wouldn't get an orange cast for her friends, family and camp staff to sign - whatever.  

We concluded the month with a farewell to our first crush at summer camp. Yes, you see it - her first crush.  No, I don't know when the crush happened.  Yes, her daddy knows. I know. It's too much for me too, Islanders.


Munch started second grade at another new school!

She also started cheerleading and had a blast rooting for her team, the Panthers.

A pic of her pic that hangs on the fridge, lol.

Mid-month, Munch got her thumb splint removed and, as you can see in the pic below, she was STILL bummed the orange cast wouldn't be an option.



We celebrated  my brother's (Mike's) birthday with a beer tasting party at my parents' home.  Earlier that same day, we attended Chazzy's bubble gum birthday party.

The next weekend, Munch attended her first BOY birthday party.  It was for Ravi, the summer camp crush, and it was military-themed.  His dad brought in a laser tag company and we ALL had loads of fun (I'm nice with a laser gun for the record)!

The next day, our county's cheer program won the District competition!

Munch got her first medal!

Later that month, Mom and Dave celebrated their birthdays with a toga party.  We had a number of fun games but learning the Thriller dance moves was the highlight!

The dance competition got serious.

We spent Halloween with our new friends, the Hatcher family.

Munch's homemade clown costume was a hit.


I celebrated J.Lo's birthday and wanted to cry about her departure...

It was a bittersweet event but I did get to see some of my favorite people (and accessories):

The next day, Munch attended Gadiel's second birthday party - a Monster's Bash costume party.

Candy and another costume?  Count us in!

That same weekend, we joined the Brown family for Olivia's first trip to an awesome pumpkin patch.

I got a new car!

O and that same weekend, Munch chipped her front tooth while playing with a new friend.  She slipped while riding her bike and fell onto the pavement.  Not to fear, our awesome dentist squeezed her in immediately and fixed her smile good as new.

Thanksgiving was a blast hosted at my parents' home.

The following day, we started the battle of the Christmas lights.

Not to worry, no men, children or blow-up decor were injured in the making of our outdoor decor!


I attended the 2013 Christmas Celebration.

It was an awesome gospel event - concert, play, games and more…  AMAZING!

Hubbs and I hosted a fabulous Christmas brunch for family and even enjoyed hosting a low-key last-minute countdown to the new year!

2013 was full of challenges but our little family was able to rise above.  I look forward to facing the NEW - challenges, blessings, friends, life and more - in 2014. 

Happy NEW year!


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  1. What an eventful 2013! Just got done reading up on your blog actually and had a quick question. I was hoping that you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks!

    Emily : )


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